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5 Signs A Life Change Is What You Need Right Now

The only thing that is predictable about life is that it can change in significant and unpredictable ways. You might not see the good in the change at first, but eventually, you will see that it is for the better. If you start to see these five signs in your life, it is the subtle messages that are telling you that a life change is a must-do right now.

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living.”

Gail Sheehy, author of Hillary’s Choice

Setting a new path in your life can be both terrifying and thrilling, but it is required to grow more than anything. To be different, you have to do things regular people do not do. The majority of people arrived at a point where they have to implement a change in their life to further develop their personal or professional image. However, it is a daunting task; it is difficult to determine when you are ready to make that change.

So, how can you tell when it is time for a life change?

The truth is, there is at least one sign that is positioned right in front of you that you have been ignoring or overlooked. This article will bring you on a journey through 5 signs that inform you that you are due for a life change.

1. You Are Feeling Comfortable And Restless Simultaneously

If you are performing the same set of routines day in and day out, perhaps it is time to add some flavour before you lose your sanity completely.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

Albert Einstein

There is no harm with incorporating a couple of new, healthy routines throughout your day. However, bear in mind that creativity does not like monotony. Hence, be sure you shake things up in your life regularly to keep that creative juice flowing. Growth is never found in the comfort zone. The same is true, vice versa. If your life lacks an enthusiastic spirit and your morale is low, it might be a good time to make a life change. Ask yourself, when was the last time you did something that requires you to step outside your comfort zone?

We are bound to encounter such a situation at some point or another. So, do not be afraid if you think you are the only one contemplating your life decisions; it is a normal and natural part of life. Being in the same setting, performing the same thing repeatedly and spending time with the same individuals can make us feel that we are not going anywhere. It does not have to be that way, it is our lives, and we have the right to decide how to make this once-in-a-lifetime chance worthwhile. For starters, make it a priority to spend less time with negative people who continuously deplete your energy and more time with people who inspire you to do great things and be on top of the world.

A significant change in one aspect of your life can set a precedent for more changes in other aspects, both professionally and personally. Change makes you more agile, exposes you to new experiences and people, and offers a whole new set of opportunities. Before long, you will feel that this adventure is kind of addicting.

If you believe that you lack the confidence to make a significant life change, start with the basics, like picking up a new hobby, visiting a town you have never been to before or dining at a restaurant that your friend recommended. Better yet, start from the core: what mental, emotional, or spiritual changes do you require to implement so that you can keep moving forward during this period of transition?

2. You Desire A Greater Sense Of Purpose

Do you leap out of bed every morning feeling eager or continuously tap the snooze on your alarm? Are you wasting your time binge-watching on Netflix, mindlessly scrolling through your social media feeds or other unproductive activities? These are a few indicators that you may need to redefine your life’s purpose.

“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Work can also be a terrific source of energy in our lives. If you have been laid off due to the coronavirus pandemic or had to shut down your business, it is normal for your physical, spiritual, mental and/or emotional energy to dip significantly as you grief. However, do not stay in that emotional abyss forever and be kind to yourself. One way I have discovered to drive meaning and purpose in my life is to make a difference in others’ lives. It is why I dedicate much of my time inspiring people to live their lives authentically by not following the pre-existing expectations that society has for us. If you find yourself drowning, do not be afraid to ask for assistance. It will aid you and the person who has the honour of helping you. Your cry for help offers them purpose.

Here’s a life pro tip: To rekindle your sense of purpose, allocate one hour of every day and commit to doing something entirely new. Donate your time to a cause you truly believe in, do something kind for someone else, practice and master a new skill. One of my friends donates meals to the poor every week, and whenever I catch up with him, he never fails to feel happier and more fulfilled. If you have wanted to try something new and different, commit to it. Sign up for an online course in creative writing, learn a new language, start a side hustle. You are in a position to capitalise on the opportunities that life has to offer.

3. Something Else In Your Life Has Met Its Natural End

Whether a long-term relationship has come to an end, or you just lost your job, that can represent as an indicator that one chapter in your life is about to end. When a chapter has just been concluded, it means it is time for another chapter to begin. Treat it as a positive sign that life has something better for you to fill the void. If you do not take that leap of faith, how would you know that if that “something” is what you have been looking for all this time?

Last year, I completed my postgraduate degree in Melbourne, Australia. While I have really enjoyed spending my time there and initially intended to find a job there, luck was not on my side. Hence, I had no choice but to return to my home country and found a job there. There, I decided to start two side hustles, both of which I am really passionate about. Had I remained in Australia, I wouldn’t have known that a desk job is something I despise, and I would not have known that two side hustles are all I need to live a fulfilling life.

Is it time for you to flip to the next page of your life? The next chapter can be the best one yet.

4. You Cannot Help But Feel Like You Are Trapped In The Past

Looking forward to the future when your environment and daily practices have not changed a single bit for a long time can be a challenge. You are not the same person you used to be any longer. So, why are you still living the same life, day after day? Jump forward and do not look back (unless you want to see how far you have come).

 “Holding on is believing that there’s a past; letting go is knowing that there’s a future.”

Daphne Rose Kingma

My family and I have created so many memories throughout our time together in Kuala Lumpur, but my inner voice told me it was time to move forward. I want my kids in the future to welcome change, new locations, new people and new opportunities. Furthermore, I know that regardless of how distant I am, the friendships I have made in Kuala Lumpur (and around the world) will last for eternity.

If the word “change” numbs you, change your view of the word, not your actions. What do you wish to ADD to your life? When a house’s built-up area is too small, people occasionally construct on a small addition. Contemplate how you can “add” to your life to make room for more.

5. You Are Overdue For A Life-Changing Move

Now and then, we tend not to realise that we have options. Remind yourself of your potential by materialising it. When you come to a decision, you gain control of your life and your fate. So, change your career if it does not excite you, break up with your significant other if you are in a toxic relationship, launch a new business, or move to another city. Do whatever it takes to spice things up in your life and remind yourself that you have the power to regain control of your life.

I am excited to get to know myself further as I navigate the changes in my life, present and future. Life is too short to be spent doing the same things over and over again. There is so much in this world that is available for the taking. Therefore, it is time for us to expand our horizons and take that first step into the unknown.

Making a big life change is quite scary. However, regret is even scarier.

I will admit it, change paralyses me, but the effects are temporary because I will realise that there is nothing I love more than a big adventure. I am not suggesting everyone should make a drastic change to their lives right now. However, I believe that making changes, gargantuan or minute, is the vital ingredient to improving your life. Change is a beautiful thing; it helps you learn, grow, and stay motivated. Otherwise, life would be meaningless and worthless.

You have in your hands the power to change any element of your life. What is a significant or tiny change you would like to make? Regardless of what might be weighing you down, embrace the fear and just do it.

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