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Working Out With Your Significant Other: The Three Reasons

It is time you considered how physical fitness can benefit not only your own health and well-being, but also your romantic relationship. Why not grab your partner’s hand and invite him or her to be your workout partner as well? Read on to discover five reasons why you should live the sweat life with your significant other.

“Couples who exercise together, stays together.”


Both you and your partner can never seem to catch a break to squeeze in a thirty-minute workout. Both of you are dying to stretch your hamstrings and relax those stiff shoulders of yours. Is there a way for both of you to keep the relationship going happily while remaining healthy? Working out together can be the answer to that question. Both of you can reap the benefits of working out and spending time together simultaneously.

Here are three reasons why you should work out with your partner:

1. It Strengthens Your Relationship

We all know that working out helps us to build muscle and eventually become a stronger version of ourselves than what we were yesterday. However, can this concept be applied in the context of a relationship? Is it adequate to help strengthen your relationship too? Performing an intense workout with your significant other can bring out that strength. Take a shot at running or attending a group fitness class with your significant other. If you are looking for something more daunting and your relationship is thriving, participate in a running event together.

Portraying each other’s competitive nature is healthy for the relationship, particularly when supporting one another through it. There is no better feeling in the world than receiving words of encouragement from your beloved. When you and your partner take the heat together, the exercise alone can have physical and mental health benefits.

If you and your significant apart are living separately, instead of catching up at the local restaurant, why not do so at the gym instead? Both of you do not have to worry about deciding which meal is the most nutritious. Instead, when both of you are working out at the gym, there will be plenty of sweat along with endorphins to put the smile back on your face after a long and gruelling day at work. Being a full-time employee can put your seeing your partner on hold. Exercising together can strengthen your relationship because you are working on something together. That is just one of the definitions of love. Not only does working out trains your core and muscles, but it also helps reinforces a vibrant relationship.

2. Improved Self-Esteem And Better Sex Life

When your partner tells you that you are in better shape than before, I am sure that the first thing you would do is to blast yourself with self-praise. Everyone at some point could use a dose of self-esteem, especially when you have created a food baby upon consuming lots of dishes on the dining table.

Squeezing a workout routine into your daily calendar will make you less guilty and help you get rid of those negative thoughts that surface whenever you eat something that makes you feel bad about yourself. Having your partner beside you at the gym will help you plough through the last few reps of an intense abs exercise. All you simply have to do is look at your partner, and voila, she is there winking at you and encouraging you to keep pushing.

Your self-esteem is not the only thing that improves; your sex life improves too. A previous study has shown that working out leads to increased production of testosterone, which can increase your ability to have satisfying sex (men, take note). Couples that exercise together tend to have much more satisfying sex lives because they feel better about themselves. They are more comfortable showing themselves, and also, the increased testosterone level in both male and female just further stimulates sex drive. Staring and admiring your partner’s attractive body appearance will make working out together even more satisfying.

3. It Helps You To Develop Or Strengthen Your Accountability.

Exercising with your significant other offers a window of opportunity to hold each other accountable, challenge each other to achieve bigger and bolder goals, and support each other while creating a stronger bond. For example, if both of you registered for a running challenge, you will be encouraging each other to push through and complete the journey. Being each other’s partner-in-crime helps to nurture the skills needed to set realistic goals and formulate strategies to accomplish them.

Living the sweat life together leads to a stronger relationship because both of you are grinding towards a set of mutual goals and ambitions. There will be times when you are too relaxed on the couch, but that is the best thing about working out together with your significant other – they will always be there to help unglue you from your couch and force you to dive right into the workout.

Recognising that you and your partner can sweat together and have a fantastic experience simultaneously will be healthy for your relationship. Having your beloved to encourage, support and push you further may sound demeaning, but I assure you, it will make your workouts and time under the blanket more satisfying.

Final 2¢: Make Time For Together

Everyone is busy, and there is a lot to do in a day. However, working out and living the sweat life together can be a way to spend additional time together. Not only do you have the social support you need to complete your workouts, but you also have the time carved out in both partners’ schedules.

Eventually, when both of you are active individuals, there is not much you cannot do in terms of really fun dates and trips, such as planning a hiking trip, running a half marathon together, and so much more. The benefits of working out are seemingly infinite – from improved self-esteem to better time under the sheets. You and your significant other can reap the rewards of a healthy lifestyle for many years to come, as one.

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