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Why Your Twenties Is The Prime Time To Discover Your “Why”

People, including twentysomethings, have a natural need for a sense of purpose, which is a feeling that you know who you are and where you fit into the world, that your goals and desires are in sync. But contrary to what we expect, it is rarely an obvious or straightforward path. The path is filled with insidious forces that make us settle for less. This story aims to outline why we need to dedicate our twenties to find our why.

“And I have to believe that you were sent here for a reason. And even if it takes the rest of your life, you owe it to yourself to find out what that reason is.”

Jonathan Kent, from the 2013 superhero film, Man of Steel

When Jonathan Kent uttered those words, it made me realised that the day you discover your “why” will go down as one of the most significant days of your life. Consider your “why” as your purpose, your passion and/or that specific life objective you are working on accomplishing. Your “why” is your reason for being on this rock that is orbiting around the Sun. Many of the choices you make will have an impact on how soon you will accomplish your goal in life.

“The two most important days in life are the day you born and the day you discover the reason why.”

Mark Twain

Although this is easier said than done – finding your why can be time-consuming, especially if you do not have a single idea of what your purpose is ever since you were born. If you had unearthed your purpose on Earth when you were seven and have successfully made it a lifetime commitment, that is amazing and keep going. However, for some of us, as we entered adulthood, before we make a significant life change, we have to undergo a process of self-discovery to figure out the life we want for ourselves.

The process of self-discovery varies between individuals – some people only need a day to figure out what they really want to do for the rest of their lives, and there are others who may take weeks, if not months, to discover their purpose. Self-discovery is also dependent on your age and experience; the older you are, the more experience you have, which helps you better understand your reason for being on Earth. It goes without saying that by the time you complete your studies or begin grasping the dynamics of the corporate world, you will come to terms with who you are and what is most valuable to you. It is thought that by the time you enter your thirties, it may be too late for you to change your life. Obviously, this is not assured for everyone. Nevertheless, most of us crossing that thirty years old milestone will have a pretty solid idea of what we want to do for the rest of our lives.

For this reason, it is crucial to look out for your purpose while you are still in your twenties. Long before the world of thirties welcomes you, you want to have a firm understanding of who you are and what your purpose is. Is your passion feeding the poor? Writing a book? Photographing the world? Composing a score? The only person who understands your passion is you, and it is your duty to internalise that passion so that it becomes your life purpose. You are responsible for your own fate, and therefore turning visions in your head into reality.

“It’s not enough to have lived. We should be determined to live for something.”

Winston S. Churchill

That said, how do you discover your “why”? That is a tricky question. Like many hurdles we encounter, seeking out your purpose is nowhere to be found in the life’s manual guide. Oh, wait, a manual guide on traversing through life does not and will never exist in this world. Again, it is worth reiterating that everyone uncovers their life purpose differently, but more often than not, it is buried deep within. Your heart may have already found a goal worth pursuing, but you may not be quite aware of it yet. Here is where the process of self-discovery plays a vital role. You have to do some soul-searching and ask yourself one of the life’s biggest questions: “What is my purpose?”

The process of finding your purpose sounds intimidating but fret not – I shall try to make the process as hassle-free as possible. Here are five reasons to seek out your “why” and how to do it:

1. Always Put Your Happiness First

I cannot stress enough just how vital happiness is to ensure a life that is filled with meaning and joy. Regardless of the job you have, where you live, who makes up your family or how old you are, you should always prioritise your happiness over others.

To live a purpose-driven life, you must enjoy it. Doing work that puts a smile on your face and appreciating it even though there are certain things about it that makes you frustrated will make your “why” worth it. Your work should make you feel empowered and ultimately fuel your ambition. If you are content with your life purpose during your twenties, that feeling is bound to stay from this time onwards.

2. Unearthing Your Why Will Make You Feel Like You Are On Top Of The World

This may seem inherent, but you cannot argue against it. If you are passionate about your current role at work or a hobby you intend to turn into a business, you will be motivated, driven, and do whatever it takes to make it come true.

Do not settle for less when you can become so much more. What is the point of working on a desk job that slowly brings down your mental health? Instead, devote your time and energy to a job or a potential profession that brings the liveliness out of you. Once you feel alive, keep the fire going at all costs.

3. Uncover Your Strong Points

Understanding your strengths and what you are particularly good at is another good starting point to hunt your why. Comprehending your fortes will unquestionably aid you in your career development. If you enjoy looking, tabulating and calculating figures, perhaps your purpose lies in the field of accounting. If you are creative with words and enjoy storytelling, maybe your purpose can be found when you take up a writing job.

Only you know what strengths you possess. See them through. By acknowledging what you are good at, you recognise the value you bring to a goal you have, and this will assist you when you are out hunting for your purpose.

4. Have A Clear View Of Your Priorities

Having a crystal clear picture of what is most valuable to you in life can help you discover your “why”. By laying out all of the things you cherish in a list, it will be obvious where you need to focus your attention and what you need to do.

If getting married by the end of the year is a top priority, do your best to make this happen. If spearheading your business is important, muster every available resource to make it come to life. You need to attend to your priorities if you wish for their successes. This success is your goal, and eventually, your purpose. Let your priorities be your beacon that will help you navigate through the perilous adventure that is life.

5. Be Your Genuine Self

The worst thing you can do with your life is pursuing dreams that are not meant for you. Remember, your life purpose is derived from your passion. Do not be bogged down by what others believe is best for you. You are living your life, not theirs. Make finding your “why” about what you desire. Give your true colours to shine their beauty and guide you on the best path for you.

We are all aware of what is realistic and what is not for ourselves. Your feelings, your responsibility. Being your authentic self is sure to help you uncover your “why”.

Final 2¢: If Only It Was That Easy

Discovering your purpose is not a walk in the park. Some of us have a clear idea of what we want to do from a very young age. Others have to take the detour, which typically involves the process of trial and error before finding their lifelong purpose. Your purpose can be anything you can think of. If unearthing what you are supposed to do unsettles you, do not panic. We may feel uneasy at first to find our why but in the end, you will recognise its worth.

Determine your passions. Uncover your life objectives. Make your dreams come true. Do not stop for less. When you appreciate the highs and lows of life, you are bound to find happiness and meaning everywhere. Do not falter and push on.

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