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Four Perks Of Staying At Home During Lockdown

To curb the spread of the virus, authorities have imposed strict lockdowns which forced everyone to stay in their respective houses. Although it can be a test of our patience, staying at home can be a wonderful opportunity to embrace. This story discusses four benefits of remaining at home while the world is fighting its way out of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.”

Jane Austen

In countries where the Covid-19 pandemic still rages on, people are forced to stay at home to ease the frontliners’ enormous burden. In times like this, introverts have the upper hand, probably because the former is used to being self-isolated compared to the latter. However, that is not to say that introverts can live indoors forever alone – they too can feel claustrophobic eventually. Even though I enjoy being alone, I do like to venture outside and interact with other human beings (when I feel like doing so).

We usually associate our home as a safe place. A place where we can relax and do whatever we want. Then again, it can work against us. When we stay at home for too long, our tendency to develop negative thoughts increases. In my case, whenever I begin to sense the presence of negative thoughts and emotions, I work on reframing them into positive ones. I still remember when nearly all businesses were forced to shut down because the authorities want to disincentivise people from going outside and potentially bringing an infectious disease back home.

Understanding what is going on around me is still a work in progress. Nevertheless, I strive to reframe the negative emotions that can appear out of nowhere in my mind. Being stuck at home may not always feel like the most pleasant decision to make, but there are perks of going for that decision.

1. You Finally Have Time For Things You Did Not Have Time For Before

Here in this country, people spend a significant amount of time going to and from work. Now that you are stuck at home, bid farewell to commuting. You have earned yourself the additional time that you did not have before. So let this be the time you do start your fitness routine, conjure up new recipes and go through your TBR list.

You now have the time to clean your house, declutter your work desk and even deciding which clothing to donate to charity. If you are a parent, use this additional time to bond with your children. If you are perpetually single, well, you do you.

I am making sure I take an hour for self-care of “me time” daily. I need alone to recharge, and I often spend my time alone reading or interacting with my two rabbits. I treat my overall health seriously and so, it is vital for me to have this time to just be by myself.

2. You Can Connect With People Regardless Of The Geographical Distance

When I was working as a talent acquisition trainee, I Zoom-ed with my colleagues when we had a project to complete. When I am not at work, my loved ones and close friends will reach out to me via FaceTime or WhatsApp to catch up. We may not be able to sit together, but there is no reason we cannot make time to connect.

The definition of normal life has changed, but the need and time for human connection remain unchanged. So, dedicate a time in your daily schedule for it. If you think you are the only one who seeks human companionship, you are wrong. There are many people out there who would love your virtual presence. So, make virtual plans with them immediately.

3. You Are Doing A Community Service To Others By Keeping Them Safe

In my country, staying at home right now is vital unless you have something important to attend to outside (such as shopping for groceries). The world is adapting quickly and doing all it can to support those who have no choice but still have to venture outside to keep the essential services running.

Whether you are under the weather or not, staying at home is making sure that things do not get worse in the household. So, even when you are dying to leave, be mindful that being home right now is the best thing you can do to keep your loved ones healthy and safe.

4. Family Togetherness

Hectic work life that involved long hours of commute to the office had left me no time for personal life. That was the reality I once lived. The lockdown and self-isolation period has given me more time for my family. With schools and many young couples working from their beds, the current scenario has definitely benefited twentysomethings who have just started a family.

Now that everyone is cooped up in the house, everyone is sharing the burden of household chores such as cleaning and cooking. It is one of the noticeable perks of staying at home in this challenging pandemic era.

Final 2¢: Be Kind To Others

My sincere hope is that you are able to find peace and serenity during this time of uncertainties. That being said, be kind to others because you do not know what the other person is going through. Be generous when you can because the world needs more of it. Last but not least, we are all in this together – we will emerge from the pandemic stronger and happier as one.

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