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Gym Etiquette 101: Do Not Break These Unwritten Rules

Whether you consider the gym to be a place of worship where you pray for the gains you are about to receive, or a social necessity where you hit the bar on a daily basis, there are certain unwritten rules that must be followed for the well-being of all those in attendance. Here are some gym etiquettes to be mindful of so that everyone can have a great time working out.

The pandemic has taught people to value their lives more, which means they are making the conscious effort to live a healthier lifestyle. As part of the effort, they have pledged themselves to go to the gym to get into better shape. No matter why you have decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle or working hard to maintain it, do not falter. You are awesome!

Regardless of whether you are a gym newbie or a regular, I am confident you have been to the gym at least once and found yourself irritated by some of the gym etiquettes that people are unaware of.  Here are some tips that everyone should take note of to make sure that everyone can have a great workout experience in the gym.

1. For Goodness’ Sake, Stop Hogging The Equipment.

I see you, and you see me. Yeah, that is right. I am eyeing you for that treadmill. It seems like every hour is gym hour, and you have been running on that machine for more than an hour. There is no way you find running on the treadmill while staring at the wall right in front of you fun. Give your fellow gym buddy a shot at it. We are all here to give our bodies a chance to be at their best, and frankly, I have to intentions to spend two hours of my cardio day in the gym patiently waiting for a treadmill. So, stop it!

2. What Did The Equipment Do To You That You Had To Abuse It?

You can call me demanding at this point. Stop hogging and abusing the equipment. I purchase a set of dumbbells for my home once, and they were not cheap. Imagine just how expensive other gym equipment such as a stationary bike and an elliptical machine is. Hence, be gentle to the gym equipment, and it will serve you nicely for a long time. I am sure you do not appreciate feeling stoked to hit the gym to use the leg press machine only to discover that it is out of service because someone was being irresponsible. So, tremendous please, exercise responsibly.

3. Please Clean Yourself Up Once You Are Done.

If you are not sweating profusely, you are either doing it wrong or not doing it long enough. However, once you are on a roll and cannot seem to stop sweating, do everyone a favour by giving the machine a good, clean wipe when you are done with it. No one in the gym wants to get their hands dirtied by your stinking sweat. I am pretty sure most gyms have wipes dispensers. So, do your part and work out a little more by walking over to one, grabbing a couple of sheets of wipes and clean the machine. Thank you for your community service.

4. Do Not Cut Queue.

People race to the water fountain as if it is the Fountain of Youth. For this very reason, I bring my own water bottle to the gym. If you choose to grab a sip of water from the fountain, be courteous. Do not jump the queue, especially when there are people who have been waiting for their turn and are in the same dire need to quench their thirst as you. The water will always be there, I assure you.

5. Do Not Disturb Others.

If you see me running on a treadmill or doing bodyweight push-ups, please imagine that there is a “Do not Disturb” sign above my head. Working out requires you to not only remember the number of reps you have done but also focus on your muscles that are being worked on. So, why on earth would you want to interfere with that process? Be considerate to others. If you have some doubts about that one gym equipment you are dying to try, ask the gym staffs instead. If you are dying to know where I got my resistance bands, thank you for your patience. I shall get back to you once I have completed the last rep of the circuit.

6. No One Wants To Hear You Sing.

There is a reason why gym users like to listen to music when they are firing up their muscles. It keeps them motivated and focused. However, the gym is not the right place for you to get ready for your audition for America’s Got Talent. I promise you that no matter how beautiful your voice is, you are distracting others with your singing and are bound to receive a couple of angry-looking faces. So, do not ever sing in the gym. Just do not. Ever. Reserve it for the car ride home.

7. Can You Not Use Your Phone?

I do not know about you, but I find people using their phones in the gym to be equally if not more irritating than singing. Yes, I know your life is almost perfect and marvellous, I am happy for you. Truth be told though, we appreciate it if you could spare us the details of your upcoming getaway with your romantic partner. May I suggest that you have a catch-up brunch with your buddies instead?

Final 2¢: Give Yourself And Your Body Your Best

The gym can be an intimidating place, but it can also be an exciting one when you have found your gym high. Avoid being the victim of gym paranoia. I assure you, everyone is too busy working out that they have no time to care about what you are doing. If anything, your fellow gym buddies will applaud you for making the effort to become a healthier person than before. Just do your best.

Take it slow and steady. Do your exercises one by one. Also, be patient and disciplined. You will get your six-packs.

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