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Four Steps To A More Well-Rounded, Balanced You in 2021

Finding the right way to being a versatile person can be challenging. However, it is possible to become a well-rounded person by following your interests, diversifying your skills and experiences, and striving for higher education. Dive right in to find out how you can become a well-rounded and balanced person.

“The main purpose of education isn’t just to receive a certification that leads to a career, but to become a well-rounded person in so many aspects of life.”

Edmond Mbiaka

You do not have to wait until it is New Year’s Day to clean up your house or take up a more balanced lifestyle. Any time is a good time to work on your personal growth. Below are four steps to obtain balance in your universe and become a well-rounded and balanced version of yourself.

Yes, I am lazy to type a lengthy introduction today—procrastination at its best.

Step #1: Keep yourself up-to-date with the latest around you.

Be aware of what is unfolding in the world around you so that when someone is talking about a particular life topic, at least you understand what they are trying to convey. You do not have to correct them if they got their facts wrong. The best thing you can do in that situation is to listen closely as it gives you a broader perspective on life in general. The key is to be aware of events that affect you and your local community.

Do not just get your news from the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Some information uploaded there are deliberately misconstrued to trigger an irrational response from the readers. Messages that are shared on social networking sites can be biased and incomplete. Because we human beings are irrational and mindless creatures, to begin with, that is a recipe for information disaster.

I want no part in that. Hence, I gather my information about global events from reputable news agencies such as CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post. For developments unfolding at home, I gather my dataset from local online newspaper entities that have achieved an independent voice. Perhaps you can do the same.

Step #2: Look for a relief valve.

Uncover a hobby or an interest that fosters your personal growth and cheers you up. My hobbies include writing, reading, CS:GO-ing, exercising (running primarily), and listening to classical music.

If you want to get started on a particular hobby but not sure how to do it, chances are, the Internet has more than one guidebook for you to follow. Want to bake a chocolate cake for the first time? There are perhaps thousands of recipes online which you can look up on. Having difficulty doing push-ups? You can find a fitness video on YouTube in which the fitness guru can guide you on how to complete the exercise correctly without breaking your arms.

Sometimes, it is worth stepping away from the hustles and bustles of our working lives to relax our minds and bodies. Life is not just about work, you know?

Step #3: Be part of a like-minded community.

You can be part of a close-knit community through church or charity work. There is seemingly an infinite number of online community groups in which you can participate. For instance, you can join a community on Reddit (although they call it “subreddit” instead of the word “community”). There are lots of people out there who enjoy their time doing the same things you do. In this Information age, it is easier than ever to connect with like-minded human beings and exchange tonnes of information quickly.

Step #4: Remove the people who no longer serve you from your life.

It is easy saying it, but it is a whole different game when you are actually doing it. Allow me to clarify that this is not just about removing people who are trying to bring you down with their attitudes; it also includes those people who completely deplete your pool of mental resources. If it is not genuinely someone you want to spend more time with, do yourself a favour by removing them off your social media radar.

Also, when people present you with a question, be sparse with the details by keeping your answers short. You are not obliged to devote your precious time and energy to satisfy the curiosity of others who can make you doubt yourself and convey words that hurt your feelings. Be aware that this can happen among your friends and even your loved ones. Therefore, be mindful of who or what you give your time to.

Final 2¢: One More Thing

Never stop learning.

This step goes hand in hand to help achieve all the points outlined earlier. Make time to read a news article. Attend webinars. Listen to the experiences of others so you would not emulate their mistakes.

Going to sleep with the same quantity of information you held when you open you greeted the sunrise should not be your norm. When an opportunity comes for you to learn something, seize it. Keep that brain matter growing. The deeper your pool of knowledge, the easier it is to navigate through the highs and lows of life.

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