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Unlocking The Secret Perks of Job Hopping

Job hoppers often get a bad rap. Most people believe hopping from job to job looks bad on your resume and gives the impression that you are not a loyal employee. It also makes it look like all you care about is money. However, there are secret benefits to throwing out the old wise tale that job hopping is career suicide. Here are some great benefits of being a job hopper.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.”

Steve Jobs

How and why has the general society concluded that millennials are a bunch of spoilt brats who believe that they should be entitled in the workplace, deserve a more well-rounded job with higher pay, or be granted more comprehensive benefits? Although not all millennials think like that, most of them further reinforce the stereotypes tied to millennialism.

Many twentysomethings are job-hoppers, staying at one job for a couple of months (and perhaps up to a year) to acquire experience in a specific field to polish their resume before hopping to the next chapter of their career. Contrary to some people’s views coming from the generation before us, job-hopping may be a good thing for a couple of reasons.

Deciding where you want to go once you are twenty can be a highly complex task. You do not know what the future holds, and you do not know whether you can cope with the uncertainties that lie ahead. When the time has come to step foot into the highly competitive job market, it can be scary. Securing any occupation is imperative to start repaying your student loan, covering your rental costs and accomplishing your financial goals.

Your first job may not be what you wanted, but it can nurture you to become an invaluable employee in the field.

Keep yourself there for as long as you can. Forget about looking for better pay, more flexible working arrangements and more comprehensive non-monetary benefits. At this point, the whole objective is to gain as much learning experience as you can.

Working with mentally intimidating colleagues enables you to develop coping mechanisms and conflict resolution skills. Interacting with challenging clients gives you the opportunity to practice patience and empathy. Waking up early in the morning and spending late nights fulfilling your responsibilities demonstrate dedication and self-discipline.

The silver lining of that first not-so-fantastic job is the plethora of resume developers keeping themselves out of your sight that will assist you in securing your next job opportunity.

You encounter an opportunity in each person you meet and interact with.

Individuals who job-hop without burning bridges can erect a vast network of future employers, references and colleagues. The significant bit here is to exit each job gracefully. Even though your manager had been a pain in the buttocks, never speak badly about him or her since there is no way to know who they know.

Be sure to give two weeks’ notice, and express your heartfelt gratitude for the opportunities that were given to you. Although your time with the company was short, that brief period spent with your employer will look much more appealing to a hiring manager if that same employer is more than willing to provide you with a positive recommendation for your next enterprise.

It is all right to determine what you do not want to do – you have many years ahead of you.

Each field of study is multifaceted, so accepting a job in a particular field without being passionate about it is not a total disaster.

My degree is in international business management, and it took me eight months to decide that I would rather not continue immersing myself in a corporate setting. I had other options, and it was here that I learned the vital lesson to cease applying to other corporate jobs. I know a couple of twentysomethings who are going through the same experience, and that is normal.

Final 2¢: Ultimately, search for a job that you enjoy doing.

Understanding what you do not enjoy doing is just as vital as searching for a job that makes you want to get up every morning.

Job-hopping allows you to develop your professional network, brighten your resume, and aid you in finding a career that aligns with your personality and skillset, provided that it is done with etiquette. Life is too precious to spend forty years locked into a job you dislike. To this, I say: take the chance, go for something different, issue your notice and do not forget to thank your supervisor and colleagues before you exit the building.

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