Before You Quit Your Job

The prospect of quitting your job and becoming your boss is both liberating and scary as hell. However, instead of being impulsive, it is best to take a deep breath and weigh all of the pros and cons so that you are absolutely sure that you are ready (or at least willing) to take this leap of faith. To help you get started, here are the five important tips that you need to accomplish before officially say goodbye to your job.

“Choose a career you love and you will never have to go to work.”

Denis Waitley

Are you feeling miserable with the job you have? Maybe you are not being paid enough. Do you always find it challenging to get out of bed each morning and commute to work? Perhaps they are signs letting you know that enough is enough. It is time to quit your job.

Quitting a job that gives you a steady income stream and extensive range of benefits can be a difficult decision to make, especially in today’s economic climate. But, then again, if you are unable to find happiness or if you have maximised your learning opportunities in your current job, perhaps it is time for you to explore other avenues.

Have you ever woken up and wondered whether you were wasting your life away? Did you feel like you were not going anywhere? Have you ever felt uncertain of what you were doing to make a difference every day? Feeling lazy to do anything productive? Sounds like a recipe for a perfect disaster.

Suppose you are too terrified of the idea of quitting your job and becoming unemployed. In that case, it is worth noting that being sad and miserable in the workforce will have adverse effects on your career than quitting ever will. Hence, if you are struggling each day and cannot chart a backup plan, try the following before handing over your resignation letter to your boss.

1. Do your homework on what it is about the job that you dislike.

Come up with a list of things about the job you genuinely like and dislike. Once you have a clear picture of what you want and do not want, you will know precisely what to look for when you hunt for your next job.

2. Evaluate your skills.

It is imperative to determine what you are adept at and what you are inept at. Again, come up with a list of skills and talents you have that can help you to become the best employee for the job.

A good starting point would be to ask someone close to you what they think your skillset consists of.

3. Sharpen your saw.

If you have left school for many years, most likely, you are not as sharp as you used to be when it comes to leveraging your skills. Sign up for an online course on a subject that catches your attention. There are lots of free ones out there. Moreover, every time you complete an online course, you contribute to your resume as continuing education.

4. Prepare to have some spare cash on hand.

If you plan on tendering your resignation from your current job at a specific date, you may want to have a couple of months’ worth of pay, just in case, it takes you longer than expected to land a new, better job.

If you are patiently waiting to leave your job for good until a new job opportunity knocks on your front door, you may still want to stash away some extra money in case you accepted a job that pays you lesser than your previous job. This way, you can pursue your dream career without putting a big dent in your bank account.

5. Spread the message.

Your weak ties are the most probably connections that will assist you in your job search. Mention that while you have no solid plans on quitting your current job, you are keeping your eyes peeled for a new position elsewhere. You never know who may message you out of nowhere about an opportunity to chase after that dream job. There is no harm in asking.

Final 2¢: Do not forget to express your gratitude

Quitting your job is a frightening prospect, but more than anything else, it is an exercise in humility. No matter your relationship with the people you worked for or with, you need them to think well of you.

On top of these five tips, remember to express gratitude to anyone at the organisation who might have guided you to where you are today. After that, do not waste any time and get the hell out of there.

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