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Escaping The World Of Hopelessness

When everything seems to fall apart and you have no control over the situation, it is easy to feel hopeless in the grand scheme of things. However, behind every hopeless situation, comes a blessing. This article seeks to address the source of hopelessness, when it rear its ugly head and how to get out of it. After all, no one deserve to live in a world where there is no hope.

“It’s not attractive to be talking down about yourself all the time. All you continue to do to yourself is pull yourself further down into a deeper place of depression and sadness and insecurity and fear and hopelessness, so it’s like, having God in your life is important, accepting who you are is important, regardless of what you look like.”

Lamman Rucker

Hopelessness is a sensation that can be far more catastrophic in nature than encountering defeat and failure. When you are out there chasing after your dreams, and you are not able to materialise them, you will continue to move forward as long as you still have hope and faith that you will ultimately attain them.

When a sense of hopelessness swarms you, that is when you are in a precarious position. Emphasis on the word “precarious” because when you feel hopeless, you are on the verge of waving the white flag and quitting the journey to your goals.

Let’s take a look at this specific feeling and what you can do to get rid of it.

Why The Hopelessness?

One of the fundamental reasons why people unsuccessfully accomplish their goals is because of challenges.

If you give a good amount of consideration to it, what is a goal without hurdles? Is lifting your buttocks off the chair and heading to the kitchen to grab a cup of water difficult for you? Absolutely not. That is why it is not thought to be a goal.

When you try to achieve something where the possibility of failure is present, you are onto something. Something that is possibly worthwhile and perhaps meaningful. As long as you believe that the goal is within your grasp, you will have an opportunity.

When Does Hopelessness Strike?

Feelings of hopelessness typically surface when you have suffered ceaseless rounds of defeat. After crashing and burning so many times, it does not take much to feel as if it is pointless to continue. What is the point if you are setting yourself up for another encounter with failure?

You can lay on your bed and feel guilty for your hopeless fantasies, or you can get on your feet and say, “So what?” So what if you do not reach your intended destination the first time? If you really want to turn your fictional dreams into real-life fantasies, then your strategy must be about working on them consistently, regardless of how difficult it is.

How long will you have to endure the pain of defeat and failure? Until your dreams are no longer dreams. Even when you have accomplished your dreams, do not stop there—aim high as you have already travelled this far to stop.

The Struggle To Stay Hopeful

Hopelessness is just another term for giving up or surrendering. Just to reiterate, hopelessness is when you feel like it is a waste of time and effort to press on.

Why bother when you can save the rest of your resources for a more productive venture elsewhere? Well, you need to be aware of one timeless life principle: many of the most significant accomplishments we see today came after the point where having hope was smooth-sailing. It is a walk in the park to be hopeful when you are first starting out to chase after your dreams. It is still effortless even if you are faced with your first couple of hurdles and setbacks.

It is when you meet your 5th, 20th or even 500th obstacle that hope is something difficult to keep in mind. It is during this moment where you must not lose faith because of two reasons. First, you have gone too far and invested too much to quit now. Second, you are closer to your goal than you think.

Is There Still Hope For Each Of Us?

Being hopeful signifies the belief that one still has faith in whatever he or she is pursuing.

Having faith means that you know things will pan out well even if you cannot see the progress. If you are familiar with at least one person, dead or alive, who has reached the goals you are aiming to accomplish, then you can employ them as inspirations or reasons to strengthen your resolve and your faith.

When you see that it is possible for someone, then no doubt it is possible for you. Your route may be different from those who have already done it, but the idea that anyone can accomplish it should give you fresh blood to stay on course and never give up.

It takes very little to feel a sense of hopelessness. Anyone can feel that way. The people who will move forward and disallow themselves all opportunities to abandon hope are the ones who will travel far in life.

So, if you believe you are working on something worthwhile, do not surrender. Keep going. Life will reward your patience greatly.

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