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Nine Ways To Get Excited About Mondays

Monday has widely been accepted in a negative light. Whether your work week begins on an actual Monday or whatever day of the week your work “Monday” is, shifting our mindset to look forward to this day plays a significant role in the overall quality of our everyday lives. Here are nine ways to make Monday a day you genuinely look forward to each week.

“When life gives you Monday, dip it in glitter and sparkle all day.”

Ella Woodward

Picture this: it is Sunday night. The sky is clear, and the cool air just makes you want to stay under the blanket all night. Yet, while watching Netflix on your laptop, you cannot help but feel that the Monday blues are descending upon you. Does it ring a bell to you?

This weekly routine is most common among students and young professionals who have just started their careers not long ago. By the time Sunday night sweeps in and the weekend comes to a close, we cannot shake off that dreadful feeling of going back to work or school the next day. Just thinking about the idea of starting the new week can make your Sunday evenings less vibrant. What gives?

Well, for many of us, Monday is the most gruesome day of the week. It takes discipline and sheer will to get back into the cycle of waking up early, fulfilling deadlines, and falling back into our workdays. This cycle is not uncommon. So, the question now is, can we rewrite that pattern, and if so, how do we do it?

Whatever is making you feel the Monday blues on Sunday evenings, here are ten ways to look forward to Monday:

1. Appreciate that you have a chance to start anew.

Every week brings with it another set of opportunities to create something new and exciting. Whatever events have occurred in the past, stay in the past, be it that demoralizing feedback you got from your supervisor last month or that colleague of yours who accidentally spilt a cup of hot coffee on you last week. This week marks a new chapter, and you have the chance to get started on something unique and brush up on your work ethic. So bask in the potential and celebrate the opportunity given to you with each passing Monday.

2. Make plans to have a lunch date every Monday.

Do your Mondays feel longer than any other days? Coordinate with your colleague or best friend to find out when both of you can go for lunch together. Being well aware that you can have lunch on Monday afternoon with your best friend at work is a sure way to give you something eager to look forward to when Monday says hello. Starting your week off with nothing but positive vibes is something everyone enjoys doing.

3. Reserve time for plans after work/school.

No matter how exhausted you are after returning from work or school, be self-disciplined enough to make plans once your Monday routine is settled. Hit the gym and stretch those legs when you are done with your workday. Sign up for that Monday night baking class. Do not settle for ordinary. Make your Monday nights feel different, whether it is working on a new hobby, spending time with your pets, or binge-watching your favourite television series on Netflix. If you can find a way to make Monday exciting, you will be more than eager for it every week.

4. Rise early on Mondays.

For many of us, it is challenging to be an early bird. However, little do people know that Monday mornings are when you will be at your freshest. Think about it: once the weekend has passed, you have probably recovered from the wounds you sustained from the week before and are ready to return to battle. Seize this advantage. Try to rise early on Monday mornings so that you can go for a morning jog. Alternatively, you can use the extra time to try out a breakfast idea that you have been thinking about for some time. Even if it happens once a week, waking up early on Monday can potentially set your mood for the remainder of the week. You have lots of time to get yourself ready, savour a delicious breakfast, or get your blood flowing through an intense workout. Use your time wisely because you cannot reverse time.

5. Put on your favourite outfit.

Label Monday as dress-up day. If you get into the Sunday evening habit of deciding what you will wear on Monday, you are set to start your week off with a stylish bang. Wear your favourite colours, jeans or shoes. Make a fashion statement to counter the Monday blues and lift your Monday spirits. At times, even the tiniest of detail, like wearing your favourite tie, can spice up your day and shake off those Monday blues.

6. Soothe your ears with your favourite music.

On your commute to work or school, put on your earphones and listen to your favourite tunes. This definitely happens almost every time you are on your way to a particular location. In other words, this is not a Monday-only ritual. Nevertheless, listening to your favourite tracks has its magical ways of putting you in a good mood to start off a new week.

7. Grab some vitamin D.

Whenever you take a break on Mondays, take care of yourself by going outside and soak up some vitamin D. Take a leisurely walk in the park and inhale the fresh air. Looking at the clear, sunny skies can lift your spirits. Enjoying the fresh air and basking in the sun can undoubtedly put a feeling of satisfaction and pleasantness in your Monday ritual.

8. Mingle with your colleagues.

Even if you only have a small amount of time to catch up with your colleagues, make full use of it. It serves as an opportunity for you to reflect on how smoothly the weekend went and share your weekend stories with others. Chances are, your colleagues are experiencing Monday blues too, and so, having even five minutes to have a conversation with each other is an entertaining way to welcome the new week.

9. Love your job.

The best way to make Mondays fun is by loving your job. If you struggle with that, have faith that one day, you will land your dream job. Everyone wants to go on vacations and treat every day like it is a Saturday. However, work is a significant component of our lives. You will forever hate every day, including Mondays if you genuinely dislike your line of work. Never give up in the pursuit of finding a career that aligns with your goals. If you have a deep sense of appreciation for your work, Mondays will be much more welcoming.

Final 2¢: It is just a Monday.

Monday is no different than any other day of the week. There is nothing about it that makes it stand out more or less unique than any other day.

Longing for the weekends obsessively is not a good way to live your life. Do not dread Mondays because you have days to endure. Hence, my advice to you is to embrace Mondays. View the start of each week as a fresh beginning. Love yourself by scheduling lunch appointments or dressing up to enlighten your days.

All of us are born to work for a while before getting to where we want. Working keeps us afloat while we are sailing towards our ultimate life goals. Hence, there is no reason why that must be a dreadful reality. Keep your happy face on, everybody! Cherish Mondays and do you.

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