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A Must-Have Accessory For Runners

Pedometers provide objective measurement of physical activity and are one potential remedy to the problem of inaccurate activity recall. They can also be fun! Find out how pedometers work, how they can they improve your running performance and more importantly, how they can improve your overall health.

“I wear a pedometer, a little device that counts every step. It works as a goad, because you walk additional distances to pile up the numbers. The average person walks 2,000 to 3,000 steps a day. I walk 10,000 steps a day. I have lost a lot of weight as a result.”

Roger Ebert

Running is one of those sports where people have a love-hate relationship with. Getting your legs moving may look easy, but it requires a tremendous amount of effort. However, no one can deny that running is good for your health. Imagine yourself running along the coastline to clear your head while you are enjoying the sea breeze. By the end of it, you feel satisfied for having a good sweat sesh that contributes positively to your health and mind. However, that is difficult to maintain when you do not have the appropriate running gear, which leads to the question: “what keeps pushing you forward?”

Searching for the drive to keep going is one thing; maintaining that drive is another. Hunting for the drive to run is one of the most challenging things inexperienced runners have to deal with. Even when the weather is perfect, forcing yourself to lace up and put your body through its paces is difficult. Like all athletes, runners constantly have to fight two fronts: their physical capabilities and self-doubts. I believe we understand the significance of keeping fit, but the first step is always the hardest to manage for most people. However, certain running accessories can help preserve your drive to run faster and further.

One of my most used running accessories is a pedometer. Depending on the brand you opt to go with, you can track more than just distance covered, calories burned, and the number of steps taken. Nothing gets me pumped more than tracing my running performance over time. This small electronic device follows you wherever you go. It is captivating to determine how close you are to your running goals using the data captured after every run.

At times, you need those figures to evaluate whether your running performance is improving or deteriorating, particularly when you are running long distances. Observing the strides you have accomplished is a lot easier when you can monitor every run through various tech-powered running metrics. I have a short-term memory, and being able to fetch running data from a specific date in the past is a great feature to have in any pedometer. Moreover, being a twentysomething means we are juggling a lot of responsibilities. When our resources are constantly being stretched to the limit, it is easy to lose sight of our fitness goals. Hence, a pedometer to remind us of our fitness objectives is a good investment worth making.

Using a pedometer delivers another benefit: it changes your perception of daily fitness. Over time, you will notice that you choose to take the stairs more often to burn some extra calories rather than taking the elevators. You will park your car a little farther away from your office building, and you will run harder during a training session. You know what they say: great things are done by a series of small things stitched together. Thus, why hire a personal trainer when you have one that fits in your pocket nicely? Our lives are already hectic enough, especially when we are on a mission to discover who we are. So, possessing the correct tools to keep us healthy both physically and mentally are a Godsent.

Challenging your limits to be a better version of yourself today than yesterday while improving your general state of health is something all of us desire. However, it is of little use if we cannot measure the progress. Hence, possessing the right gear is an essential component of the process. One of the best things you can experience in life is doing and feeling your best, and having a pedometer represents one step in the right direction.

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