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Unconventional Areas To Conduct Your Job Search

We tend to access employment websites to see if there is a job opportunity that we can seize. However, why should we limit ourselves to conventional means such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Jora, etc.? The Internet is a vast space, which means job opportunities can lie elsewhere. For this reason, one should make full use of his or her online presence by exploring every single corner of the internet space when finding a dream job. This article unveils to readers the unexpected places to take their job search.

“When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”

Alexander Graham Bell

When you are still completing your university degree or have just graduated, all too often, you are told to find job opportunities on various employment platforms, be it LinkedIn, Jora, Glassdoor or Gumtree. When you get into it, you will soon realise that looking for a job that matches your qualifications can be an exhausting effort. You can only scroll through the same job listings on Indeed so many times and not lose your sanity. You believe you have hammered everything: you have written a professional resume, you have informed your friends and loved ones that you are actively looking for a job, you completed multiple short-term internships, and yet, you still have not secured your dream job. While it may look like all avenues have been tapped into, you may be astonished to learn that there are other unconventional places to look for that perfect position of yours.

Industry Organisations

If you already have an industry you want to be in, do some digging and pinpoint trade organisations in your region. These organisations are in the business of raising awareness about their industries and can be valuable resources for those looking for employment opportunities. Visit their websites for upcoming events such as industry conferences, webinars and more. Some of these websites may even have a dedicated career page for you to browse through.

Social Media

Usually, we access social media to see what our friends have been up to through their posts. We all understand that networking is imperative when building a career, and typically, we would do our networking initiatives on LinkedIn. However, have you been fully utilising your online presence? The importance of social media as an essential career tool cannot be overstated. While you can tap into any social network to widen your job search, Twitter is also a job search gold mine.

Coming back to LinkedIn, the platform is developed to enable professional connections to take place optimally and employers to post their job ads to an international audience. However, Twitter should not be underestimated, especially if you aim to thrive in an industry like sales and marketing or a start-up of any kind.

Begin by following companies you want to work for and their employees. When you have secured a connection with them, do not just say hello and goodbye. Instead, interact for real by commenting on their posts and answering the questions they posted. If you want to take it one step further, when they host a conversation with key industry players, be part of it. Make your name stand out. Eventually, your name will be the first thing that pops up in their mind when they are looking for new talents. Moreover, you will already have demonstrated yourself as someone who has a deep understanding of the industry.

Web Articles

List articles are not just meant to inform you which character in The Big Bang Theory you resemble most. Whether you want to accept this or not, they are also an excellent means to seek job opportunities. Widen your job search to include local publications and look up on their “best of ” lists to identify companies that catch your attention. Are you keen to work for a rising tech company? Try searching for a list of the most promising tech start-ups in your area. Are you aiming to work for a company with a fantastic culture? Again, try searching for a list of the companies with great cultures in your area.

Ensure that you tailor your search to the industry and organisation you want to be part of. Once you have a shortlist of companies you want to work for, head over to their job boards on their corporate website to see if there is a job opportunity that suits you. If you cannot find one, let them know how thrilled you are by the work they are doing. In the process, do not forget to provide them with your resume. Perhaps all it takes to land that dream job of yours is a single email to them.

Your Website

An exemplary way of proving yourself to potential employers that you have the knowledge to fill a vacancy and the energy to take extraordinary lengths is to do a side hustle that matches the expectations of potential employers. Make sure your personal blog is updated with the latest content that is tied to your field of interest. If you can include reviews from former clients or employers on your website, it will be an added advantage for you when applying for a role.

Final 2¢: Think Outside The Box

Showcasing yourself as someone who possesses a thorough understanding of a particular field will benefit your greatly. You benefit from being part of exclusive circles, interacting with like-minded individuals, and having the right conversations. Who knows? Perhaps you will be able to turn your side hustle into a full-time job.

Looking for that dream job is not a smooth-sailing process and takes time. However, looking for a job that you are genuinely enthusiastic about with a company you look highly upon can be absolutely worth the patience.

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