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8 Ways To Cherish The Small Things In Life

We all have so many blessings in our lives. And yet most of the time we fail to recognise them. We do not recognise them properly, forget them, or simply take them for granted. We lose sight of them, and that is a monumental mistake. In reality, these little things have a huge impact on our lives. For that reason, we should learn to recognise their value. This article shows readers how to learning the art of cherishing the small things in life.

“It is the small things in life which count; it is the inconsequential leak which empties the biggest reservoir.”

Charles Comiskey

Wow, it is August 2021 already. Lots of things have happened so quickly since the start of the year that you ask yourself, “Where has the time gone?” It is not difficult to get bogged down with day-to-day routines.

Having a set of familiar daily routines is beneficial–it not only keeps you sharp and focused but also satisfies your human need for certainty. For example, you know how long it takes to get yourself out of bed, when you need to clock in at work and how much time it takes to get yourself ready. You hustle from early morning till late afternoon, and when you are done for the day, you hit the gym. Once you are over the sweat life, you return home, cook yourself a delicious dinner meal, wind down in front of the television and then go the sleep. Every day is a little different from each other, but the fundamental elements of the cycle remain unchanged.

However, does this cycle takes your happiness away? If you are so busy driving your car that you have no time to stop at the next gas station, I believe it does rid you of your happiness. If you reflect and think about when you changed your daily routine most recently, fret not–you are not the only one. One of the worst things you can do with your life is being trapped in a rut.

Every day may not be good. However, if we have a positive outlook on life, we can find some good every day. Of course, there will be days when you have to try harder to search for that good. However, the most important message to take home here is that you should not give up and laugh when life throws rocks at you.

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to cherish the small things in your life. They may not mean much to you, but there are many people out there who wish to have what you have. Sometimes, it is the small things that matter most. Unfortunately, acknowledging that point can be difficult in a world where we are conditioned to keep ourselves busy. So, we take them for granted and when they are no longer in our grasps, only then do we fully appreciate just how valuable they are to us.

8 Ways To Cherish The Small Things In Life

The small things mean taking advantage of the elements around you that makes you come alive and placing them under your mental spotlight. These things do not fall from the sky–you have to make them happen. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Rise early to catch the beautiful sunrise.
  2. After work, head down to the beach and enjoy the sunset.
  3. Message your friend how much you appreciate their presence in your life.
  4. Have lunch at the park and grab a good amount of Vitamin D.
  5. Celebrate the small accomplishments. Like completing a 1-minute plank.
  6. Pamper yourself by splurging on a delicious burger to end the day on a good note.
  7. Play your favourite tune when you are stuck in the middle of a traffic jam.
  8. Get lost in a book.

Final 2¢: Do not underestimate the influence of small things.

So, there you go to all my twentysomething readers. Take the time to slow down your life and appreciate all the little things in your life. Document your surroundings and all the good things that have happened in your life. You can do it by taking photographs and noting them down in your gratitude journal. Give your friends a catch-up call. Small things sometimes mean a whole lot.

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