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3 “Learn To” Essentials Worth Having In Life

Most skills are only relevant in certain situations. However, some skills are universal. In other words, there are skills which are constantly needed on a day-to-day basis that will help your future tremendously. This article aims to highlight three essential skills that everyone should have if they wish to live happily ever after.

“You wouldn’t know how far you can go in mastering a skill, or gaining experience unless you strive and give all your effort to achieve that. Those who mastered some wonderful skills like drawing, or writing, or learning a new language, or cooking, or whatever beautiful skill there is, they spend the time, and effort, and were very patient in seeking that dream. If you have the potential, then don’t waste your time dreaming of mastering what you want, but work on it.”

Noora Ahmed Alsuwaidi

There is this life formula that says that your skillsets control the quality of your life. It may not be obvious, and whether you deny it or not, it is true. If you are here, you are most likely an intelligent and mature person. This means you have picked up reading skills at some point in the past. Chances are, you cannot recall what it is like not to have reading capabilities.

We are not born with skills. Instead, skills must be taught to us. Therefore, one of the things everyone must do in life is spend countless hours sharpening relevant and applicable skills that will enable us to move forward with our lives. Again, skills are not something that can be passed on to the next generation through genetics. Some skills are situation-specific, meaning to say that they are only legitimate in certain situations. However, there are some skills that everyone should possess if they want to have a comfortable and bright future, and they are as follows:

1. Learn to exercise

Maintaining a green bill of health is undoubtedly important not only for your body but also for your mind and soul. Otherwise, it is easy to fall into unhealthy habits such as smoking or substance abuse. Be accustomed to the discomfort that comes from exercising, as this encourages you to develop a mature mindset about not just the process of working out but also life in general. In addition, learning to live the sweat life helps you develop self-love and self-respect.

Now, you do not need to go to the extent of training like an Olympian. Knowing and doing a range of fitness exercises is sufficient. Alternatively, you can plan your weekly timetable such that you swim on Monday, run the following and perhaps dodgeball the day after. There is no better way to learn to cherish and experience variety and depth in your exercise habits than that. What is more, it boosts your self-confidence, which is critical in any enterprise you venture into.

Staying in shape also gives you an opportunity to improve your ability to manage your priorities, stress, and time. Instinctively, you will learn about coping mechanisms to ensure your mental health does not decline and the importance of having correct nutrition. Learning to exercise and keeping this habit up allows you to shine brightly for a long time and, perhaps, forever.

2. Learning a language.

You would think that it is much easier to pick up a new language when your brain is fully developed. Well, the truth is the opposite; it is actually much easier to learn a language when you are still a young child. However, that does not mean that at age 24, learning a new language is impossible. For as long as you have literacy and reading skills, you can always learn a new language at your convenience. Obviously, with the proper diligence, the right language teaching facilities or attending the right lessons outside of your working bubble can support your efforts to master a new language.

It is wonderful to see just how much of the world will open up to you if you make it an integral part of your lifestyle. It may be that learning Mandarin helps you to apply for jobs that offer a more fantastic range of monetary and non-monetary benefits, or maybe, make your vacation to Chinese-speaking nations much more enjoyable. Knowing how to read and speak another language also widens your career prospects in the form of heightened attention from multinational organisations that are looking to hire bilingual individuals. Therefore, do not be scared to try. Neither are you too late or too early to learn–you are on time.

3. Learn to Invest

I have mentioned many times in previous articles that investing can help you to earn more over time. Having a set of investing skills allows you to identify potential investment opportunities, understand corporate financial statements and pick up relevant business skills which you can apply in circumstances even if your main career is unrelated to the governance of a corporate entity.

Suppose you cannot allocate the time to sharpen your investing know-how. In that case, it is best to deploy robo-advisors that use sophisticated algorithms that will help you put together a suitable investment portfolio based on your risk tolerance and timeline. Alternatively, you can work with a money manager or an investment consultant to see what works best for you regarding wealth creation. Learning the terminology behind investments, how the processes are linked and operate, and the investment tools available to you can help you keep a watchful eye on the value of your assets in the long run.

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