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Can Your Colleagues Be Friends Too?

Yes, your colleagues can also be your friends. You just have to make sure that they are worth keeping for the rest of your life.

“People are more likely to remember the great social interaction they had with a colleague than the great meeting they both attended.” 

Ron Garan

“Hell no,” you may answer immediately. However, is that your impulsive brain talking? If so, it is worth approaching the question once more, this time with your rational brain. Think about this for a second: without friends at work to bring vibrance into the work environment, you would most likely have an agonising time at work. That is a matter of fact. Even the grumpy, old lady in her late 50s who sits at the reception desk commenting on everyone’s work habits has a friend to go to in the office to vent out her thoughts.

Friends, regardless of the origin, keeps your world going. Forming friendships at work is a fabulous way to relieve yourself after completing a gruelling assignment. Having someone who would not mind listening to your work-related rants all day can make your time in the office a lot more pleasant. Are you having a rough day at work because of a disturbance in the force at home? Have a word with a colleague whom you trust. Having a different perspective on a matter will never harm you and could help you shorten the road to a solution.

However, just like everything you do in life, you should not throw caution to the wind when it comes to who you choose to be friends with in your corporate environment. Today, the work environment is a dynamic and competitive place; people are there to complete their jobs on time and advance their respective careers further at, sometimes, whatever costs, which include sabotaging their colleagues’ work performance and underappreciating their contributions. These people should not be relied upon because if they do not trust us, why should we trust them?

Trust is the fundamental ingredient that keeps a friendship alive. If other people do not have a regard for the person you are considering talking with, perhaps you should consider once more before disclosing your thoughts to him or her. The takeaway message here is that you should be careful about who you want to connect yourself with.

I know this may sound emotionally and mentally cumbersome to several people. Nevertheless, do not let this motivate you not to find and form new friendships at work. Is there someone in the office that you love to mingle with daily? Do the four or five of you enjoy having lunch or bar-hopping every Friday evening together? If so, be friends. However, do not dive into anything until you are absolutely certain that it is the start of a genuine, lifelong friendship.

Ultimately, you and your colleagues can be friends. Although I am self-employed now, I still keep in touch with my former colleagues because they are now my friends. We share lots of things with each other, ranging from our respective work stories to memes. When the day ends and it is home time, the word “stress” becomes non-existent in our minds. We can be ourselves inside and outside of the office space, which is a beautiful gift to have in life. Although I have a set of close friends from high school and university, it is also a godsend to know someone who loves me for my character, both at work and in general.

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