How To Set Yourself Apart From Your Colleagues

Most new employees are not typically thought of as outliers in the workplace. They are usually overlooked by the higher-ups and many are too afraid and insecure to exercise the qualities needed to stand out from the crowd. However, with the right attitude and a little effort, anyone can separate themselves from their colleagues and become recognised in the workplace.

“Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great. Weak men wait for opportunities; strong men make them.”

Orison Swett Marden

Setting yourself apart today in the workplace is much more difficult than ever. The workplace is becoming more and more competitive and riddled with office drama that can mentally wear you out and ultimately take the focus off your work.

Whether you are a novice who just got a job, exploring the job market for internship opportunities or simply attempting to restore balance in the professional universe, there are several things you can do to stand out from the crowd.

1. Stay away from office gossips.

The moment you start gossiping, especially about those who you work with, that is the moment when you are erecting shields and constructing untrustworthy pacts. Even if you and your long-winded colleague do agree on something negative about your manager, he or she can throw you under the bus for his or her own career gain.

If you can, reserve the negative views for yourself and prevent others from getting the opportunity to treat you like a ragdoll. If you struggle to disconnect yourself from the office gossips, put up a firm stance that you are no interested to gossip about others and move to another point of discussion.

2. Understand your boundaries.

If you are aware deep down that you cannot spearhead a team assignment because you are bogged down by other work and personal commitments, do not silence yourself and make it known to the person who wants you to lead the project.

Being overwhelmed by too much work is a feeling all too familiar for many of us because we have experienced it at least once. Although there are benefits of testing our limits, it harms us when we pretend that we can handle it all when in fact, we cannot.

There are simply too many battles in life to fight, and you can only exert so much before falling apart. Hence, choose the battles that will help you expand your skillset or take your professional career to the next level. Learn to say no if someone comes up to you to offer you a chance or requests your assistance. It is not so much about the amount of work you have done. It is all about quality, and quality will always triumph over quantity.

3. Be mindful of the time, yours included.

We are not born with good time management skills. Therefore, many of us are horrible at predicting how much time it will take to get stuff done. That said, here is one helpful tip that applies to everyone: double the time you believe it will take to complete a task. If you can finish the task much sooner than you thought, you can add smaller tasks to fill the gap. Talk about elevating your productivity.

4. Keep your chin up.

It sounds easy, but positive thinking is a mindset people will pick up on immediately if it is something that you do not possess. When you are going through a miserable time in your personal life, do your best to find all the good in this world, even if it means you have to try harder than usual.

Put on your smiley face when you greet your colleagues at work, have a chat with them during your breaks and motivate your colleagues to be the best version of themselves. People who are happy can turn your sour day at work into a cheerful one.

5. Seek assistance when needed.

When doubt arises, clear it as soon as possible by asking someone who has the answer to your question. Although fortune favours us at times, assuming that there is a loophole in the project or procedure can have significant, far-reaching consequences.

Seeking assistance does not mean you are weak or a failure. Instead, it demonstrates that you prioritise the outcome of the situation more than the humiliation that comes from making poor judgements–a key asset in any employee.

Final 2c: Let the reason be your guide.

Each of us strives to become an extraordinary person at work, which would then increase the likelihood of us unlocking a new level in our career. However, whatever reasons we have for standing out at work, they must be right.

Keep a positive mindset, go all out when you prove your worth, and you will have your manager’s attention before you know it.

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