7 Tricks To Get More Done Each Day

“Focus on being productive instead of busy.”

Tim Ferris

Being a twentysomething can be exhausting. We seem to have a to-do list a mile long each day. Between balancing our academic responsibilities, social life, and family time, it is not surprising why some of us want to punch a punching bag sometimes. Balancing so many activities and obligations can wear us out. Not only that, for many of us, we sometimes wish that the day is forty-eight hours instead of twenty-four.

While we do not have the power to change how many hours a day has, there are handy tips that we can use to get more done with the same number of hours we are given each day. So, read on.

1. Be aware of where your time flies.

You have your laptop up and running, a comfy chair to sit on, and you are all set to own the day by getting as much work done as possible. However, you failed because you are bombarded with distractions all around you and on the Internet.

I believe many of us have played that scenario many times. For several days, try noting precisely what you are working on when attempting to complete your work. You will be astonished how much time you spend browsing the Internet, scrolling mindlessly on social media and reading your emails instead of actually getting the job done. Having a good sense of awareness about your time and how it is being used is imperative because it can help you choose what distractions to remove, which leads to the second tip.

2. Get rid of the distractions.

Playing calm music that gets your productive juices flowing through your veins can be helpful. Moreover, you can most likely get more things done when the environment is quiet and has a shortage of movements in the background. Simply put, every item that attempts to draw your attention away from your work is one more thing that prevents you from doing a job well done.

3. Break down your time into intervals.

Have you ever heard of the 90/20 rule? It is a simple rule which states that one should spend ninety minutes focused on a specific task and then take a twenty-minute break. Then repeat. The key here with the 90:20 rule is to keep you more focused and refreshed throughout your workday. It facilitates for a much less stressful work from home scenario and brings more tranquillity, which is critical in this time around our world where people are already under tension and in panic mode due to coronavirus and our continuous need to remain informed via the news, which in return fuels to our vicious cycle of anxiety and fear.

4. Form a blueprint.

By coming up with a blueprint for what you must complete by the next day or week, you are giving yourself clarity as to what needs to be done to meet the deadline. Furthermore, it is more smooth-sailing to remain focused when you have a plan that includes manageable and realistic goals. Hence, investing in a calendar planner does not sound like a bad idea.

5. Prioritise.

If you have a task that is not important and does not need to be dealt with urgently, set it aside in the meantime while you attend to more pressing matters. Prioritise your items in your to-do list by importance. Time-sensitive and important agendas should be the ones you need to handle first. Once you have cleared them all, you can then work on those that are not important and time-flexible.

6. Allocate extra time.

You most likely have a lot of meetings to attend and phone calls to answer throughout the day. At times, they can pile up and eventually overwhelm you. Although you feel great about yourself for being seen as highly important (or famous), it is worth establishing certain times of the day where you go through them. Again, as mentioned in the previous point, address the most crucial ones first. The rest can wait until you have the time to tend to them.

7. Do not be afraid of saying “no.”

Having the courage to say “no” will benefit you tremendously. By spearheading projects on behalf of others, you reduce the amount of time that you have for yourself to complete your work. Saying “no” or declining requests politely is a way of respecting your own time. Do not feel guilty for giving the “no” hand. The recipients will eventually understand the reason why you did it.

Final 2¢: Everyone should strive to be productive.

Getting more work done within twenty-four hours should be a mission for almost every individual. You can use one, some or all of the tips above to conquer the day. They will almost definitely transform you into a more productive human being.

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