How To Be An Extraordinary Team Member At Work

We all dream of success in our careers. That is why we worked tirelessly to ensure that we stand a chance of getting a promotion, pay raise, and positive performance review. The ultimate objective is to present the best images of ourselves in our workplaces and stand out favourably as a team member. Find out in this article the ways you can champion at work.

“Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.”

Henry Ford

We all dream of success in our careers. That is why we worked tirelessly to ensure that we stand a chance of getting a promotion, pay raise, and positive performance review. The ultimate objective is to present the best images of ourselves in our workplaces. Similar to other areas of life, we have no choice but to be present for our careers and stand up for our own achievement. Performing at your best in the workplace is imperative if you want to impress everyone in the office, including your boss and colleagues, and take your career to all-new heights.

The question is, how does one stand out at work? A significant component of our career success hangs on our networking abilities, interpersonal skills and willingness to engage in collaborative work. In this time and age, work is no longer a one-person job. Even if you believe that you can fulfil your responsibilities without seeking assistance from others, you cannot stay narrow-minded. Employers look highly upon employees who looks at the big picture and think futuristically. There is no escaping the fact that roles in an organisation are interconnected and represent its structure. That is to say that when one person is underperforming in isolation, the whole system breaks down. Hence, if you wish to reach the top of the corporate ladder, one of the most fundamental skills to have is teamwork.

Given the enormous importance of teamwork, below are five effective ways to champion at work as a team member:

1. Ask for more work.

If you believe that you have spare resources to carry on additional work, summon the courage to ask your manager for more work. If you want to prove to your manager that you have a professional work ethic, ask him or her about assignments that you can involve yourself in. If you observe that one of your colleagues struggles to complete a project, do not just sit there in silence and offer a helping hand.

Accepting more work will emphasise your value to the team massively. If your manager observes that you are giving your all, accepting more responsibilities, and dedicate your energy to the organisation, you will most likely be rewarded handsomely with an opportunity to climb the corporate ladder faster than you initially thought.

2. Do your homework.

Most people treat their careers at face value. That means when they think of career progression, they think of jobs that would guide them toward their ultimate career objective. However, they do not take the time to acknowledge the fact that their careers represent their livelihoods.

Being a terrific team player in the workplace forces you to understand every aspect of the organisation that employed you. Always do your homework. Read up on the organisation’s history. Do not just familiarise yourself with the organisation’s policies; you also need to do the same with key internal (our colleagues) and external stakeholders (business partners).

Make sure that you have a crystal-clear understanding of the company’s mission statement and vision. Acknowledge the organisation’s guiding principles and values. Familiarising with the company’s culture, business practices, and long-term objectives enables you to position yourself as an essential asset to your team.

3. Invest yourself in your team.

You have three sets of family in life: your loved ones, high school friends, and colleagues. It is imperative to have a personal interest in your colleagues’ lives and a mutually beneficial working relationship with them. That being said, it is crucial to know when to be professional and when to be friendly.

If you want to be at the centre of attention as a team member, develop a good friendship with your colleagues and collaborate with them frictionlessly. For instance, do not be afraid to ask your colleagues about their vacation or offer them biscuits during teatime to keep the afternoon spirits alive.

Likewise, take note of your colleagues’ working patterns. If and when appropriate, try encouraging them to pick up a thing or two from your working style to boost their productivity levels at work. Being a team member means you have to manage the act of giving and receiving equally. If you can contribute to your team both professionally and personally, why not? Just do it.

4. Recognise the significant happenings in the organisation

Try to keep up with the organisation’s latest events. Whether your colleague is celebrating her birthday or recently lost her husband, take note of it.

There is no need for you to spend lavishly on your colleagues. It is the gesture that matters most. If you know that tomorrow is your colleague’s birthday, bake a birthday cake. If your colleague recently lost her spouse, think about getting a condolences card. Paying attention to all the things unfolding in your colleagues’ lives shows your compassion as a human being and a team player.

Final 2¢: Lead by example.

Before I conclude this article, there is one more tip I would like to share with my readers on how to be an extraordinary team member at work: become the spearhead.

In layman’s terms, it means leading by example. Adhere to the organisation’s dress code strictly. Treat everyone courteously and professionally. Report to work early and make sure your tasks are completed punctually. By serving as a role model in the workplace, your colleagues will highly appreciate your presence in the team.

Therefore, by following the pointers above, you are on your way to greatness at work.

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