Why I Love To Have Time for Pleasure Reading

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.”

Jim Rohn

It is August. By now, I have already read ten books since the beginning of the year. Usually, at this point in the year, I would have typically gone through about twenty books. The reason for this variance is because of obligations that come with being an adult. As we age, we carry more responsibilities on our shoulders. I am still working on my career in writing and photography. Sometimes, after a day’s work, I feel as though I am too tired to read and want to retreat to bed instead because sleeping does not require me to think.

I have a friend who claims he can read all seven Harry Potter fantasy novels in one day. Whether that is true or not, one thing is certain: he loves to read. He can read for hours straight. I envy his ability to speed read without losing the plot. I wish I have that ability too.

Hence, for the rest of us who love to read a good book but just cannot find the time to do so, below are pieces of advice on making time for pleasure reading and why it is significant for you.

1. Take advantage of the “gaps” in your timetable.

When I was a university student, I kept a book in my backpack and read it every time I have the chance. When I am already in the lecture hall and the class was not starting until five minutes later, I would take this brief opportunity to read even a page of the book instead of playing games on my phone. I do not recommend that you read while you are on the move because you may hurt yourself (whether by missing a step as you walk down the stairs or bumping into someone’s food tray).

Basically, I read my book whenever I am waiting for something to happen. And you know what? By the time the busy week is over, I finished the book. I had gone through the whole book that week simply due to the fact that I read it in the small pockets of time of the day.  Also, it feels fantastic how much more productive I felt when I had taken time for pleasure reading and my academic duties.

2. Spend your evening reading.

Yes, you are probably exhausted by the time you return home, and all you want to do is crash into bed. However, how time-consuming it is to read ten pages? Ten.

It does not take much of your time, especially if you are someone who reads fast. If you read a few pages of your book of choice before you go to sleep every night, you may see yourself speed-reading through your to-be-read books much quicker than when you speed-reading on a Saturday.

3. Revive your passion for reading.

Recently, I bought several books to read because they are like doors to another world. A world that inspires you to do more, encourages you to think creatively and challenges you to become wiser. When I first started reading less than a decade ago, my first set of books were self-help books. To this day, I enjoy reading non-fiction books that focus on self-help and history, psychology, anthropology and many more, and there is a reason why.

These books are written in a manner that captures our attention and implant creative ideas into our heads. Moreover, authors spent lots of time writing to provide their audience with an entertaining escape because they know that their readers have busy lives and want nothing more than an excellent book to retreat to.

Final 2¢: Get lost in a book.

Making time for pleasure reading is vital. If reading calms you down, but you are having difficulty reading even three pages of a book because of your obligations or fatigue, you have to keep going. Who knows? Perhaps getting lost in a good book is what you need to relieve all the tensions you have inside.

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