Love and Relationships

Uncovering The Truth Behind Investing In Lifelong Friendships

The best things in life aren’t things but your friends.

“Life is nothing without friendship.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero

As social beings, we always seek pillars of supports from our friends in all phases of our lives, be it graduating from university, emigrating to another country or starting a family. We twentysomethings have many things to deal with–because growing up is tiring–and we are no strangers to feeling overwhelmed when things come crashing down on us. For this reason, to keep us going and on course, we must invest our time and resources into our friendships.

There is no denying that friendships are more difficult to keep as people age. Adult friendships require a whole different level of commitment to maintain. Farewell to the old times when you would meet your close friends in the classroom daily, from Monday to Friday. Investing in friendships that add value and bring meaning to your life is more important than ever. Why? Because life is short, and we only have one chance to make it worthwhile. Moreover, as you age, you will slowly begin to realise that time is speeding up.

Investing in lifelong friendships implies your thoughtfulness and intentions to become a terrific friend. The value of time increases as we get older. Even if you are someone who is social or friendly with everyone, fitting from person to person, the way a butterfly might, maintaining good friendships on Facebook becomes tricker and more exhausting as your list of friends expands. Hence, we have to make sure that we invest in people who see us as assets in their lives. Invest in the people that mean the world to you at sixty as well as twenty-two.

The question of when you formed these meaningful friendships is irrelevant. Having the ability to point out people who view you as a priority instead of an option, encourage you to develop your interests further and make you come alive is of great importance. Do not become a victim of the belief that all your friends have to be friends with each other. Just like an intelligent investor, there are massive benefits in diversifying your investments.

Never forget, investing in lifelong connections with friends–like investing in the stock market–means celebrating the highs and braving the lows down the road. There is no logic in pulling out when the friendship starts to take a nosedive. Your lack of patience and tolerance will reward you with nothing. Facing the storm, be it a brawl or simply waiting for the right opportunity to be a humble friend, will eventually be worth it, I assure you.

Therefore, whether your lifelong buddies live a neighbourhood away or reside on another continent, remember to provide them with the spotlight they deserve. While you are still breathing, let them know how much you value their existence. Take the time to catch up with one another. Always be mindful that while efforts are required from your end to keep the friendships alive, take comfort in the knowledge that you are not alone as you have your friends to help you.

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