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Work On You Marriage Before It Happens: Here’s How

You do not need to wait until marriage before you take your relationship to greater heights.

“Indifference and neglect often do much more damage than outright dislike.”

J. K. Rowling

I have a girlfriend, and we have been together since September 2017. We spend each day feeling grateful that we have each other’s back and will do anything to make each other happy. As someone who has been in a satisfying long-term relationship, I began to observe that several buddies of mine are unhappy with theirs. Consequently, instead of the relationship inspiring them to become better partners, it sucks the life out of them. It is painful to watch the people I value most trapped in relationships that rids them of their happiness.

As I pondered about the concept of relationship with time, I learned two things: time does not equal success, and if the idea of marriage comes up, the best time to work on it is before it even happens.

Searching for your forever person in your twenties is like a gamble–it either pays off or it does not. However, once you are ready and well-grounded, it is imperative to begin searching for that special someone and focus on who you will spend the rest of your life with.

Below are several tips to guide you as you get to work on your marriage before the actual marriage itself:

1. Understand each other.

Take the time to know each other in-depth. If there is one lesson I learned in my long-term relationship with my girlfriend, it is that both parties need to be on the same page when it comes to principles, beliefs, opinions, and values. My current relationship is my third one. My previous ones were not successful because of precisely that.

2. Chat about the uncomfortable but necessary topics.

For instance, finance. Money can be a massive source of stress in a relationship, especially once you are married to your partner. Hence, it is worth lessening the discomfort by ironing all the financial wrinkles before taking your relationship to the next level.

Determining how secure you and your partner are from a financial perspective and making each other’s financial goals clear is of great importance if you ever want to have a stress-free, satisfying life after the wedding ceremony.

3. Keep sharpening your communication skills.

The basis of a successful is good communication. No amount of words can stress that enough.

If both of you want to make the relationship work and lasts forever, never cease to communicate openly and honestly. Practising the art of communicating effectively enables you to reduces the probability of both of your getting into a heated conversation that could potentially put your relationship to an end.

4. Learn how to express your feelings.

When you are in a relationship, fights are inevitable. You cannot run away from it. It is only a matter of time before it happens. So, the best thing you can do to mitigate the severity of the fight when it comes is to learn how to manage it properly.

Yelling and throwing insensitive remarks at each other will not bring the issue to a close. Learning how to express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions appropriately is not just the only way to resolve conflicts; it is also the right way.  

The four tips mentioned here are topics worth covering before both of you sign the wedding certificate, no matter how much time has elapsed since the start of the relationship.

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  1. Whole heartedly agree. My ex fiancée definitely didn’t want to build on a happy relationship, he was too focused on his afflictions. In the grand scheme of things he ended up allowing those afflictions to destroy everything in his path.


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