Love and Relationships

Five Dating Lessons Everyone Should Know

Because dating is like a battlefield that is based on deception.

You and your partner have been together for years now. You shower each other with nothing but love. You both make each other happy. Both of you worked hard to make this relationship beautiful and romantic, and the efforts paid off. I am so glad for the two of you.

No two relationships are the same, simply because everyone is different. Everyone is different because life does not come with a handbook to navigate through the complexities of the world. They would have to develop their own coping mechanisms and structures to keep themselves in order and secure as the world evolves around them.

That being said, a relationship is no different than a roller coaster; it has its highs and lows. Nevertheless, I believe that relationships can also offer several pearls of wisdom. Here are some of them which might help your dating journey be more smooth sailing.

1. If someone kept using the “I have no time” excuse, then no way the relationship can thrive.

It is time for a reality check. If someone genuinely desires to meet you, they will go out of their way to make time for you. Otherwise, they will churn out a thousand illegitimate reasons. How hard could it be to send a text message?

There is a difference between having time and making time. Having time means you are doing it out of obligation. Making time means you are thoughtfully carving out space in your timetable for someone special.

If your significant other wants to see you, they will make time to see you. If not, they will try whatever means necessary to make that happen.

2. How other people treat you depends on how much you allow them to treat you.

If you want members of society to treat you in a different manner, give them a lesson on how they should treat you. What that signifies is you have to educate them on what is right and what is wrong.

It is never okay to allow someone to disrespect you, make you furious or miserable, or treat you like a pile of trash. Moreover, you can alter the manner in which people treat you both in your life, personally and professionally.

3. When someone sees you as an option, believe them.

We inhabit a dimension in which action speaks more than words and potential combined. That concept applies, regardless of where you are in time.

So, If you really want to find out if someone genuine sees you as a priority of theirs, you should, first and foremost, observe their actions instead of listening to the words coming out of their mouth.

A relationship in which you are treated like dust, and your significant other has no time for is not a relationship you want to be in. So, do not waste your time and skedaddle.  

4. Be upfront and truthful about your desires and expectations.

Once people around you have a clear picture of what to expect of themselves and you, the lives of everybody will be much more hassle-free. If you are always sincere about your motives, you would not need to be concerned about playing the bad guy in the story.

When you think about it, it is a situation that benefits both parties. You do not cross their lines, and they do not cross yours. Why? Because the boundaries have been clearly established and in a world that is already chaotic enough, there is no need to instigate more conflicts. Our time on this planet is short. So, let’s make it count for something. Yes?

Final 2¢: You cannot do the same things repeatedly and expect different results.

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

Albert Einstein

Never forget, life is an adventure that comes with its ups and downs. How you see yourself also determines how people see you. People will evaluate you based on your actions and the principles that guide you as you navigate life’s biggest challenges.

If you want to effect meaningful change in your love life but refuse to make the necessary behavioural changes, sorry to say, you are well on your way to a chest of disappointment.

It is worth emphasising that carrying yourself differently does not mean you are immune to failures and mistakes in the future. However, it benefits significantly because those setbacks will make you realise what you should avoid in the future and what is working well for you.

Experiences, just like memory, serve as tools. It is not just meant for you to remember them but also designed to remind you that for as long as you are still breathing, we can become so much more than who we are today.  

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