Love and Relationships

How Love Changes You

It is not something that within a day.

The concept of love is fascinating to me. Generally, when people think about love, they associate it with another human being. However, believing that love can be applied to virtually everything takes that mindset to a whole new level. When I think of how being in the deepest interpersonal affection possible influence my feelings, I could not help but smile like an idiot. The joyful expression on my face reflects a whole set of emotions that munches on you when you first discover love.  

Back in the old days, people thought that love takes on only one shape, and so, they assumed that there was no such thing as different love types. Not anymore, though. In this modern age of romance, it is widely established that there are different types of love out there. However, in more ways than one, it has been proven that love can change every aspect of our lives without fail. Love defines who we are in today’s world. What differentiates individuals from each other is their moments of love and heartbreak.

Love changes you.

Love can either motivate you to aim high and become a better character or demoralise you and put you on a more sinister journey. Whichever way you look at it, love potion, when consumed, can make us do crazy things. Look back on the first time you had a crush on someone. Reflect on that moment when you were given the choice between having your sights on them or taking bold risks to make your life even more meaningful. As you can tell by now, love has its positives and negatives.

The bright, the dark, and the horrible.

Let’s begin with the dark and the horrible. There exist the kinds of love that if pieces of your life are scattered everywhere, they will further tear you apart. There are individuals who behave like a parasite; they live off you, harming you and possibly making your life more miserable. That is why you always hear people say , “love is blind.” Love blinds you from the truth, which is that you and your feelings are being taken advantage of by them. It is not the nicest thing, I know.

Love can propel us to commit silly acts and make wrong decisions that have lifelong consequences. Pause for a while to think about what those consequences are: you find yourself isolating from almost everyone you meet, you find yourself sacrificing your own life goals, your ability to live independently worsens, and you start to prioritise other people’s wellbeing over yours. It is a pretty miserable position to place yourself in a dark void.

Moving on to the brighter side of love, its virtues of human kindness, compassion, and affection can make us feel like our lives count for something. The uplifting, inspiring and meaningful love that we experience. Oh, there are no words to describe the ecstatic feeling of being in love, at the right time, with the person you considered as right.

The positive about falling in love presents numerous beautiful benefits. Acceptance is at the top of the list for me. Just as it is said that we must strive to accept and support each other, the same can be expressed in the context of relationships. When you meet someone who encourages you to become so much better than who you are today, again, words cannot describe the uplifting feeling.

Imagine moving forward with your life, grinding to make your dreams come true, shedding blood, sweat and tears in your professional career and returning home each day knowing your favourite person is present to hug you and remind you to be your best self. Whether it needs to be articulated verbally or not, knowing that your significant other will support you all the way says a lot about the person you are spending the rest of your life with. When you spend your entire life with someone who will go through great lengths to make you feel loved and happy, your joyful vibes evidently radiates.

We are not immune to the changes love introduces.

Love can lead us astray, but it can also point us in the right direction. When I am conquered by love, a liberating feeling sweeps right in. The feeling of liberation is in the being I am and in my potential in life. I feel like every goal is achievable if your heart is present, and like I want to grind more relentlessly to make my dreams come to reality, not just for my own sake, but this time, for my significant other’s best interest.

You strive to put yourself first in everything you do as part of loving yourself. However, it can be challenging to do so, considering when people nowadays generally see that as an act of self-centeredness.

Making your dreams come true and achieving your life goals should serve your interests first before the interest of your significant other. You see, love can transform us, not completely, but in a way that lifts our spirits and paints our hearts with brushes of happiness. The best thing to do about it is to embrace it when it hits you.

Putting everything together, love can transform you from one character to another. There is no denying it. When it happens, choose the path that is filled with empowerment and fulfilment. Realise that love that puts you on the right track is worth living for. Take it all in with your heart, and never forget who you are when you do so. You are not defined by love. It should not be it. Instead, let love shine through you.

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