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Nine Mistakes You Should Avoid In A Job Interview

An interview invitation proves that your written application was favourably received by recruiters and HR managers. Now you need to score points at the interview and take another step toward your future job with a good performance. Here is a checklist of interview mistakes to avoid.

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How To Stop Caring What Other People Think Of You

We all want to be accepted for our many talents, our ferocious intelligence, our good nature, our sparkling personality. However, when we begin to depend on what other people perceive of us, and we make their opinion pivotal to our success, we get into trouble. We start tailoring our lives to fit the expectations of others, and from there it is a vicious cycle. This article looks at how one can escape from that vicious cycle and establish a whole new level of freedom.

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How To Deal With A Bad Boss: Four Tips

Working with a bad boss ain’t fun. It just makes your work life harder than necessary. When they belittle you for your work performance, you begin to question yourself and your boss as you try to identify how this toxic atmosphere came to light and what to do about it. The resolution process can feel so overwhelming that you may just want to quit. However, all is not lost. Dig into this article to find out how you can make your relationship with your bad boss (and yourself) better.

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What You Need To Do In Your 20s To Be Successful In Your 30s

Your twenties are a time of figuring out your blueprint for life. You are officially an adult, moving beyond the naivety of your teenage years, but not yet entrenched in the responsibilities of adulthood. You are launching toward your future, full of energy and possibility. However, you are also at a time where the uncertainty and heartaches of life can leave you demotivated and hopeless. So how do you manage all these ups and downs and put yourself on a path to a fulfilling and rewarding life? To help you find your path, here are things you can work on right now to be successful in your thirties and beyond.

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Encouraging Strategic Splurging

When we are living frugally, we tend to be very careful as to where and when we spend our money. This article attempts to challenge that idea by stating that we human beings need to splurge once in a while. Splurging, in general, is considered to be a nasty habit to pick up but not all splurging habits are the same. The key is to do so strategically. When we deeply believe that we will constantly use an item or and it will bring us a lifetime of benefits, that is when you should splurge. Find out more about when a little bit of strategic splurging is okay.