Do Not Let Fear Hold You Back

Nothing holds people back from unleashing their full potential and becoming the best version of themselves more than fear. Fear paralyses dreams, prevents firms from achieving major milestones and is the root cause as to why so many end up going to their grave with all of their talents, hopes and wishes still unexpressed. However, what makes all the difference as to whether your fears paralyse you or catapult you to new heights depends on your reaction and response to the fear.

How To Stop Caring What Other People Think Of You

We all want to be accepted for our many talents, our ferocious intelligence, our good nature, our sparkling personality. However, when we begin to depend on what other people perceive of us, and we make their opinion pivotal to our success, we get into trouble. We start tailoring our lives to fit the expectations of others, and from there it is a vicious cycle. This article looks at how one can escape from that vicious cycle and establish a whole new level of freedom.

Eight Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

We do not usually think about all of these things. It is only when we are able to give ourselves room to breathe, only then can we think about even the tiniest aspects of our lives. Continue reading to discover several things that make you have deep thoughts about life.

What You Need To Do In Your 20s To Be Successful In Your 30s

Your twenties are a time of figuring out your blueprint for life. You are officially an adult, moving beyond the naivety of your teenage years, but not yet entrenched in the responsibilities of adulthood. You are launching toward your future, full of energy and possibility. However, you are also at a time where the uncertainty and heartaches of life can leave you demotivated and hopeless. So how do you manage all these ups and downs and put yourself on a path to a fulfilling and rewarding life? To help you find your path, here are things you can work on right now to be successful in your thirties and beyond.

Why Your Twenties Is The Prime Time To Discover Your “Why”

People, including twentysomethings, have a natural need for a sense of purpose, which is a feeling that you know who you are and where you fit into the world, that your goals and desires are in sync. But contrary to what we expect, it is rarely an obvious or straightforward path. The path is filled with insidious forces that make us settle for less. This story aims to outline why we need to dedicate our twenties to find our why.

Why Fitting In Is Futile

You are one of a kind. The world was never meant to force you to fit in but because we are social animals, many of us are not willing to cope with the loneliness and silence resulting from genuinely being ourselves. The point that everybody must understand (and bravely accept) is that the moment you stop fitting in, you are free. Once you comprehend the reasons why it is pointless to fit in, you are on the path towards an authentic human experience.

5 Signs A Life Change Is What You Need Right Now

The only thing that is predictable about life is that it can change in significant and unpredictable ways. You might not see the good in the change at first, but eventually, you will see that it is for the better. If you start to see these five signs in your life, it is the subtle messages that are telling you that a life change is a must-do right now.

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