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Dealing With A Negative Conversationalist: ‘How to’ Guide

We all have that one friend who tries to be above us in every way imaginable. When we interact with negativists, all they see is our flaws, our shortcomings and an opportunity to boast themselves as perfect human beings. Soon, you will want to stay away from all the events that they are part of. However, do not beat yourself to a pulp. Here are ways to deal with a negative conversationalist.

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Friends For Life? Perhaps Not

Evolution is an unstoppable force. We evolve as we grow up. Our hobbies, desires, and interests are constantly changing. However, as we reshape ourselves, we are bound to lose a couple of friends in the process. Whether it is because we no longer fit in their life puzzle or they do not wish to be supportive of our decisions, it reveals an important life revelation: nothing lasts forever, not even friendships.

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Expectations: How They Are The Destroyers of Relationships

Have you ever been let down because something did not turn out the way you anticipated? We all have high expectations at one point or another, only to be disappointed when things do not turn out the way we desired. When those expectations are not fulfilled, we need to keep in mind the way it affects us. Hence, the purpose of this article: to outline how relationship expectations can be damaging.

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Why You Must Forgive, Forget and Just Keep Swimming

Forgive and forget is an oft-repeated piece of advice with biblical origins. Although it might seem trite, there is a reason this little phrase still gets uttered frequently. There is true wisdom in forgiving and forgetting. When someone really hurts you, you may question whether you want to forgive someone; it may, in fact, seem utterly unnatural. However, there are many reasons why it is better to forgive and forget, even if part of you does not want to.