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You Need An Emergency Fund: Why and Where To Get Started

No one wants to spend their time thinking about worst-case scenarios. But if an emergency happens and you are not financially ready, the fallout is not just super stressful, but can have serious financial consequences. It is the most important reason you need an emergency fund. Find out why you need to have an emergency fund and how you can establish set one up.

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Four Unnecessary Wastes of Money You Do Not Realise

Some money-saving tips are blatantly obvious: cutting back on eating out, or ditching expensive bad habits like spending on the latest gadgets every year. Some ways are uncommon enough to be impractical for consistent savings like choosing cheaper hotels on vacation or buying a used car rather than a new one — great advice, but it is not going to help keep your monthly expenses in check. In fact, you may be wasting money in extremely common but often overlooked ways. Here’s a list of four things you probably did not realise you could save on and how you can stop wasting your money on them.

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5 Financial Wisdoms I Wish I Knew Sooner

Your twenties are an important time for learning a lot of money lessons. It’s a time for making financial mistakes, it’s a time for taking financial risks and it is a time to really take control of your money, rather than letting your money control you. To all those who are still in their early twenties, if you can start incorporating these these five financial wisdoms into your life, you are set to enjoy financial freedom and not be paying for your twenties when you are in your thirties.