3 “Learn To” Essentials Worth Having In Life

Most skills are only relevant in certain situations. However, some skills are universal. In other words, there are skills which are constantly needed on a day-to-day basis that will help your future tremendously. This article aims to highlight three essential skills that everyone should have if they wish to live happily ever after.

All The Reasons To Try Intuitive Running

If you have never attempted intuitive running, you may think that when left to your own devices, you would never make it over a couple of miles and you would definitely never push yourself to run fast. However, you would be astonished at what the body craves. Intuitive running is not about slacking off; it is about listening to the signals your body is emitting so you know when to ease off the gas pedal and when to run intensely—but both can occur in an intuitive runner's training. This article attempts to unearth all the reason you should give intuitive running a shot the next time you lace up.

Gym Etiquette 101: Do Not Break These Unwritten Rules

Whether you consider the gym to be a place of worship where you pray for the gains you are about to receive, or a social necessity where you hit the bar on a daily basis, there are certain unwritten rules that must be followed for the well-being of all those in attendance. Here are some gym etiquettes to be mindful of so that everyone can have a great time working out.

Working Out With Your Significant Other: The Three Reasons

It is time you considered how physical fitness can benefit not only your own health and well-being, but also your romantic relationship. Why not grab your partner’s hand and invite him or her to be your workout partner as well? Read on to discover five reasons why you should live the sweat life with your significant other.

Revitalise Your Love for Fitness: Two Ways

Sometimes, we get caught up with so much work that we forgot to look after ourselves. Before we know it, we have fallen off the fitness train and are struggling to get back on it. Fret not, this story shares two ways we can fall in love with fitness again so that we can live happily and healthily every day.

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