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Giving Your Past Permission To Destroy Your Future: Here’s How To Stop That Shit

Your past does not define your future. Your future does not have to be a mirror image of your past. We can shape our future but doing so means keeping our venomous past away. The story takes you through four ways to ensure that your future is not ruined by your past.

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Daily Habits That Could (and Should) Change Forever After Coronavirus

We are on the verge of entering a whole new reality. Strangely, it is one with which we were familiar. By the time the pandemic is officially over, lots of things will have changed. This story is the author’s perspective on what life would look like after humanity emerges victorious in the battle against Covid-19 that has crippled the world since early 2020.

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5 Signs A Life Change Is What You Need Right Now

The only thing that is predictable about life is that it can change in significant and unpredictable ways. You might not see the good in the change at first, but eventually, you will see that it is for the better. If you start to see these five signs in your life, it is the subtle messages that are telling you that a life change is a must-do right now.