6 Warning Signs That Reveal An Untrustworthy Person

Some people carry more than just a single face in their lives.

Three Life Mantras To Live By

Cannot seem to find you way out of the hell hole that you are in right now? Here are a couple of life mantras worth living by to ensure of life filled with nothing but lifelong joy and happiness.

When Life Does Not Hand You Lemons

“If life hands you lemons, make lemonade! Words to live by, especially when you kept in mind that the only way to make them into lemonade was to squeeze the hell out of them.”Stephen King Own the day, write your own life and work your way to success. That is just wishful thinking–sounds easy in theory,... Continue Reading →

8 Ways To Cherish The Small Things In Life

We all have so many blessings in our lives. And yet most of the time we fail to recognise them. We do not recognise them properly, forget them, or simply take them for granted. We lose sight of them, and that is a monumental mistake. In reality, these little things have a huge impact on our lives. For that reason, we should learn to recognise their value. This article shows readers how to learning the art of cherishing the small things in life.

The TRUTH Model: What Does It Stand For?

It is easy to get lost in this noisy and busy world, and not to make time to reflect on things that really matter to us. This TRUTH model consists of five pillars that support of having an authentic life. By understanding each pillar of the T.R.U.T.H. model, you will have a much simplistic view of the world.

How To Stay Centered Amid All Of The Chaos In This World

To remain centred amidst the chaos in the world is challenging, yet it signifies a renewing act of strength. When we recognise that life is our mirror, we begin to understand that the outer chaos merely represents our mental state. If we can quiet our inner chaos, our outer chaos will simmer. Dig in to find out on ways you can remain centered amid all of life's chaos.

Here Are Pieces of Advice To Disregard For A Better Life

You cannot assume that everything someone tells you to do is great. Just because it worked for them does not mean it will too for you. The following bits of advice are tips I have heard before that I believe people should ignore. However, just like those tips, this is my opinion. They might actually end up working for you, but if they do not, you should not feel guilty because you tried and the regret of no trying is more frightening than failure.

Do Not Let Fear Hold You Back

Nothing holds people back from unleashing their full potential and becoming the best version of themselves more than fear. Fear paralyses dreams, prevents firms from achieving major milestones and is the root cause as to why so many end up going to their grave with all of their talents, hopes and wishes still unexpressed. However, what makes all the difference as to whether your fears paralyse you or catapult you to new heights depends on your reaction and response to the fear.

Eight Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

We do not usually think about all of these things. It is only when we are able to give ourselves room to breathe, only then can we think about even the tiniest aspects of our lives. Continue reading to discover several things that make you have deep thoughts about life.

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