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Can Your Colleagues Be Friends Too?

Yes, your colleagues can also be your friends. You just have to make sure that they are worth keeping for the rest of your life.

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How to Not Sound Needy At Work

There are right ways to ask for what you need and keep your integrity, your dignity, and your sanity at work, especially when you believe that the work environment is becoming more toxic and hampers your work performance. Here are simple steps to ask for what you need without sounding like whiny employee.

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8 Ways to Escape A Job Rut And Elevate Your Career

When you are stuck in a work rut, ignoring the problem and trying to simply push through is not the answer. Addressing the situation head-on can provide important insight into how to avoid a similar situation in the future. Here are eight ways you can do to begin bouncing back from your work rut and boost your career—no matter how long you have been stuck in it.

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Unconventional Areas To Conduct Your Job Search

We tend to access employment websites to see if there is a job opportunity that we can seize. However, why should we limit ourselves to conventional means such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Jora, etc.? The Internet is a vast space, which means job opportunities can lie elsewhere. For this reason, one should make full use of his or her online presence by exploring every single corner of the internet space when finding a dream job. This article unveils to readers the unexpected places to take their job search.

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Why Networking Is Essential For You

Active professional networking is vital to career growth. Many shudder when they hear the term networking, associating it with awkwardness, cheesy events and the idea of ‘selling’ yourself. However, networking can bring lots of benefits, especially for twentysomethings. Read on to find out how networking with people within and outside your profession can help your career and your life in general.

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When (and Why) You Should Ask For Professional Feedback From Your Boss

In the ideal world, we will all get constructive feedback. In the real world, we have to ask for it strategically. It is vital to the success of one’s career trajectory to get constructive feedback frequently along the way. That said, it is worth noting when and why you always approach your supervisor for feedback. This story will guide you along the whens and whys.