Lasting Change Starts From Within

A recipe for a more meaningful life with yourself and others.

8 Ways To Cherish The Small Things In Life

We all have so many blessings in our lives. And yet most of the time we fail to recognise them. We do not recognise them properly, forget them, or simply take them for granted. We lose sight of them, and that is a monumental mistake. In reality, these little things have a huge impact on our lives. For that reason, we should learn to recognise their value. This article shows readers how to learning the art of cherishing the small things in life.

The TRUTH Model: What Does It Stand For?

It is easy to get lost in this noisy and busy world, and not to make time to reflect on things that really matter to us. This TRUTH model consists of five pillars that support of having an authentic life. By understanding each pillar of the T.R.U.T.H. model, you will have a much simplistic view of the world.

How To Stay Centered Amid All Of The Chaos In This World

To remain centred amidst the chaos in the world is challenging, yet it signifies a renewing act of strength. When we recognise that life is our mirror, we begin to understand that the outer chaos merely represents our mental state. If we can quiet our inner chaos, our outer chaos will simmer. Dig in to find out on ways you can remain centered amid all of life's chaos.

Nine Ways To Get Excited About Mondays

Monday has widely been accepted in a negative light. Whether your work week begins on an actual Monday or whatever day of the week your work “Monday” is, shifting our mindset to look forward to this day plays a significant role in the overall quality of our everyday lives. Here are nine ways to make Monday a day you genuinely look forward to each week.

Here Are Pieces of Advice To Disregard For A Better Life

You cannot assume that everything someone tells you to do is great. Just because it worked for them does not mean it will too for you. The following bits of advice are tips I have heard before that I believe people should ignore. However, just like those tips, this is my opinion. They might actually end up working for you, but if they do not, you should not feel guilty because you tried and the regret of no trying is more frightening than failure.

Nine Mistakes You Should Avoid In A Job Interview

An interview invitation proves that your written application was favourably received by recruiters and HR managers. Now you need to score points at the interview and take another step toward your future job with a good performance. Here is a checklist of interview mistakes to avoid.

How To Deal With A Bad Boss: Four Tips

Working with a bad boss ain't fun. It just makes your work life harder than necessary. When they belittle you for your work performance, you begin to question yourself and your boss as you try to identify how this toxic atmosphere came to light and what to do about it. The resolution process can feel so overwhelming that you may just want to quit. However, all is not lost. Dig into this article to find out how you can make your relationship with your bad boss (and yourself) better.

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