Love and Relationships

Dear Me: You Need To Have Standards

The human mind is like a hot iron bar; it is malleable piece of wonder that will abide to whatever command it to do. Our standards are fundamentally yardsticks that let our minds recognise what is acceptable and what is not, therefore guiding our actions and the level of work we put into them. Find out more in this article why everyone should have standards.

Mental Health Self-Care

4 Routines For A Restful Night

In the midst of the pandemic, you might have more time for sleep, but sleep quality might still take a beating, all thanks to added anxiety and stress from loneliness, health concerns, financial worries, and other problems. Nighttime routines also commonly factor into sleep quality, regardless of anything else happening in the world. Your activities during the evening hours can have a big impact on your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep each night. Therefore, Here are some tips to ensure that you can have a peaceful night.