The Effects of Social Media On Our Generation

Forget about gold. Today's most precious commodity is data and one of the ways to gather data about someone is through social media. We freely give details of ourselves as part of our means to feel belonged. Over time, we tend to believe that the more social media we have, the more we think we are connecting. However, the truth is that we are really disconnecting from each other. Find out in this article the impacts of social media on our generation.

Unconventional Areas To Conduct Your Job Search

We tend to access employment websites to see if there is a job opportunity that we can seize. However, why should we limit ourselves to conventional means such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Jora, etc.? The Internet is a vast space, which means job opportunities can lie elsewhere. For this reason, one should make full use of his or her online presence by exploring every single corner of the internet space when finding a dream job. This article unveils to readers the unexpected places to take their job search.

Glued to Your Smartphone? Here’s How To Beat This Addiction

There is a reason why it is called a “cell”phone. It keeps us away from the reality around us. It has come to a point where life only happens when our devices are charging. Is this a glimpse of what humanity will look like in the future? I do not think so because we can be so much better than that. However, it starts with beating our smartphone addiction. Read on to find out why we struggle to get rid of smartphone addiction and how we can detox ourselves from technology.

Putting Myths About Social Media To The Test

The time has come to clear up some major misconceptions about social media. Too many have let these myths flourish and prevent others from enjoying the practice-building benefits of social media. Read on if you want to find out the real scoop. Read on if you are prepared to let these truths set you free.

How to Separate Work and Personal Life: 4 Steps

Where do you draw the line between being sociable at work and keeping your private life private? And how can you do this without seeming like an insensitive a**hole? If you’ve struggled with this issue at work, here are a 4 ways to maintain a healthy balance.

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